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Entertainment v First


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
It has come to this

* The First RP for C11.

(FADEIN: The First sitting on a chair in a darkened room, his face painted in the Kefka pattern. Muse stands behind the chair, in the shadows on either side of First are the associates.)

FIRST: War is coming Mr. Entertainment. A war for the very soul of New ERA. The old guard will fight long and hard to maintain the Order of New ERA. But there are those who stand for truth, for Chaos, for growth through strife, suffering and pain. There are those who wish to live in a world where the New ERA champion fights only the handpicked, pre-approved opponents they had fed by management. And there are those who want to shatter that construct.

An old guard that has allowed this disgrace of a Championship match to happen. I do not know who or what a Yossi Hayat is, but management has decreed that this man has done what he’s supposed to have done to earn a title shot, it is an affront to this business, to the sport of wrestling as a whole that such a worthless creature could have a chance at that title.

Are you with the old guard that allows such abominations to happen? Where do you stand in this Mr. Entertainment? You were a part of the thrilling Chaos, the madness of three matches for the New ERA Championship, a series of events that was barely legal under the edicts of the old guard. It was beautiful to watch, you and Fanatic were two true warriors who fought till they could fight no more, only to rise up and fight again and again, I marveled at it, I truly did. You and him shared something special that night and were made greater by that.

Now you need but take the next step and EMBRACE what you learned that night, that only fighting, only endless conflict is truth. Only through battle are we made better, join me, join US, become better then you were before.

This is what I put before you Mr. Entertainment, you could be in the vanguard, the leader of the onslaught that brings the New ERA Champion to the Shadow Cult. You could be my avatar of destruction upon this company. With you at my side we could bring New ERA to its knees and make them understand the truth.

I go to that ring not to fight you Mr. Entertainment, but to win your heart and mind, as I have won so many others. Cameron Cruise knows the truth, Jonathan Marx has been broken and knows what I am saying is fact. Others have heard my call and even now flock to my side.

Join us Mr. Entertainment, become part of the rebirth of New ERA and it’s salvation. Be the man that strikes down Fanatic, for lord knows Yossi Hayat will not do so. Be the man who captures that title and ushers in the Reign of the Shadow Cult upon New ERA.

You can be on the right side of history here Mr. Entertainment, you can make a decision that sends shockwaves through this industry. You can make the right choice. I truly do hope for your sake you make the right choice.

Because if you stand for the Old Guard, if you spit in the face of me and everyone else in that locker room by validating this title match with Yossi Hayat, if you stand in that ring and tell me that this is the company you want to work for and fight for. Then you’re more lost then I can ever imagine.

So I’m asking you to think this out, to understand what I want to do with this company, and how with you at my side it can become real. Help me save this company Mr. Entertainment.

Do not make me have to destroy you.



Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
Finding Entertainment in Darkness

* Mr. Entertainment RP for C11.

(((FADE IN to a dark room)))

JH: Hello? Damn, where’s the light switch in this place…

Cameraman (CM): You sure he’s here?

JH: It’s the last place I can think of to look. He’s not been returning any calls, but his letter did say he’d be here.

CM: Who sends a letter these days? I always thought the guy was out of touch.

JH: I like letters! They’re more personal than emails. How did we get onto this, anyway? Have you found the light

(((The lights come on, and we can see that Jennifer is standing in a hallway. She’s dressed exquisitely, wearing black tights with a grey pencil skirt, smart heels, and a gorgeous blue blouse)))

JH: Thanks.

CM: That wasn’t me.

JH: Really? Maybe one of the crew’s here setting up.

CM: Why would they be down here?

JH: Who knows… hello? Are you there?


CM: Look, he’s not here. He’s not going to show, he’s a broken man.

JH: He’ll be here.

CM: What did that letter say, again?

JH: The part about Her needing him?

CM: Yeah. Whack job.

JH: He’s just upset he lost at Primetime. He’s a professional, he’ll be – woah! Get a shot of this!

(((The camera PANS ROUND to show a breeze-block wall, painted in a familiar New ERA green. In white spray paint, there’s a poor attempt at painting Fanatic’s face, with the word “Murderer” underneath in a blood-red colour. Jennifer Harding, New ERA’s star interviewer, looks closer, and sees that the image has been attacked with a blunt object)))

CM: If he’s here, he’s definitely gone whacko.

JH: Wait a minute… I think I can hear something. Is there a door nearby?

CM: (((zooming the camera down the hall))) Yeah, I think…

JH: (((taking a deep breath))) Let’s go.

(((Jennifer and the cameraman make their way down the hall, stopping at a door. We can hear the faint sounds of music playing – a discerning ear might recognise the voice as Blaze Bayley’s, though which song is harder to hear through the door. Jennifer wraps her knuckle against the door, and the music stops. The door opens a crack, and another, more familiar voice replies)))

ME: Come in.

(((Jennifer pushes the door open, and we see a dimly lit room with thousands of pictures from New ERA, seasons 1 and 2, plastering the wall. There’s not any real order to the images, shots of Stacy Jones and Michael Montgomery mixed in with Suicide, Cameron Cruise, and every other wrestler to appear on a show so far. The only differences are that photos featuring Larry Tact and/or Fanatic have been defaced. PANNING ROUND we see a decayed throne with a bent and buckled crown tossed so it has landed at a strange angle, resting half on the arm of the throne and half on the seat.

PANNING ROUND further, we finally get a glimpse of Mr Entertainment, two time New ERA Champion, staring at a portable DVD player with a small stereo next to him. He’s not shaved in days and his hair is an absolute mess, his eyes focused only on the small screen which casts a ghostly light on the once proud champion)))

JH: Are you… are you ok?

ME: No… she doesn’t know… she can’t hear You… sshhh… I know… I know… but she can help deliver a message, can’t she? She has to stay… soon, soon…

CM: (((under his breath, but loud enough to get a hard glare from Jennifer))) Nut job…

JH: Mister Entertainment… are you OK? People have been worried about you.

ME: OK? How can I be OK when all I hear are Her screams? Her agony?

JH: Whose screams?

ME: New ERA’s! Who else would I be talkin’ abou’?

JH: (((cautiously))) I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you upset. But what are you doing here? The office has been trying to contact you for weeks. Marcus has left over a dozen voicemails for you.

ME: Have you been hacking my phone?

JH: What? No. Heck, I’ve left a few messages. Where have you been?

ME: Here.

JH: You’ve stayed in the arena? Hasn’t security caught you?

ME: Obviously not… I know, she’s not as smart as she thinks… she’s a journalist, they have to ask these questions…

JH: Look, are you sure you’re OK?

(((Mr Entertainment nods, hitting a button on the DVD player. The screen dies for a second, then flickers back into life, Entertainment watching carefully)))

JH: Are you watching The First?

ME: Fanatic.

JH: Really? Can I see?

(((She leans over, kneeling beside the former champion)))

JH: That’s The First against Jonathan Marx.

ME: That’s what I said. Fanatic.

JH: It’s The First… OK, ok. Let’s say it’s Fanatic.

ME: Ask your questions, Jen… I’ve got to calm Her down, save Her, and’you’re wasting my time…

JH: OK. I’m sorry. We’re heading into Season 3. You were named as the Most Valuable Wrestler, a title that… Fanatic also won, back in Season 1. How’ve you been preparing for this?

ME: By watching… watching Fanatic’s matches. By listening to Her as She tells ME

Mister Entertainment

His weaknesses… Fanatic couldn’t beat Fanatic at Battlebrawl, and She knows why.

JH: Fanatic beat Fan… you mean… The First lost to Shawn Hart at Battlebrawl, right?

ME: Yes… Fanatic lost to Fanatic.

JH: OK. Do you know why? Has New ERA told you?

ME: Because the Wrestling Bieber… the First… Fanatic… isn’t anywhere near as good as he thinks, he isn’t as wise as he thinks he is, and he’s nothing but a spoilt brat… but that’s nothing we didn’t already know, is it, Jen? We know he likes ta talk an’ talk an’ talk but he says nothing. Never has, never will. He’s a coward who ran away because he didn’t want to take what Shawn Hart had to offer. He’s a coward who’s run away before and will run away again. He’s not worthy to even think Her name, but somehow he got called the Most Valuable? That’s like calling Snooki the Most Beautiful, or Seth McFarlane the Most Mature.

No… all that matters is that Fanatic is killing Her, slowly. Poisoning Her, the life I created, the life you helped create, Jen.

JH: Ok. We’ll come back to First. About Fanatic… I know you don’t want to hear it, but he’s defending his New ERA Champion


JH: Okay, okay! Calm down! Fanatic’s defending your championship against Yossi Hayat at Cyberstrike.

ME: I hope Fanatic wins.

JH: What?

ME: Fanatic needs to take the title from Fanatic

JH: … do you mean, Yossi needs to win?

ME: She’ll be safer with him than She is with Fanatic… but I don’t know if Fanatic is good enough to beat Fanatic… he needs more time… more time to grow… he needs ME

Mister Entertainment

To keep this company going long enough to mature… Yossi… he’s good and I hope he wins… I really do… someone needs ta take the title from Fanatic… save her.

JH: Couldn’t you do that? You have a banked title shot.

ME: Because Marcus thinks the world of Fanatic and his brother… Marcus doesn’t care abou’ New ERA, he wants to kill it, to destroy it… that’s why he booked tha’ last match, an’ the first one… we were supposed ta main event, I was ready fer tha’… I wasn’t ready ta open the show an’ get nailed by the ring bell. I wasn’t ready fer the “honourable” Fanatic ta cheat ta win… he says he respects New ERA but he showed he’s as bad as the First, Cameron Cruise, Larry Tact, Marcus… the whole lot of them… only out fer themselves… but they’ll see… they’ll see, won’t they?

JH: What will they see?

ME: In order, that no-one cares, tha’ it doesn’t matter what you did years ago in a company nobody cares abou’, that he’s not been relevant in years an’ he should accept tha’, an’ tha’ he’s a grade A moron who can’t see what the entire world knows ta be true… tha’ New ERA needs Mister Entertainment as champion more than it needs Marcus LaRoque.

JH: Can you say that again? Each one, start with Cruise.

ME: Cameron… cliché… I hear everything here… from the throne over there I can still hear everything… and I know tha’ Cam still hasn’t taken my advice on board… he’s talkin’ abou’ Suicide as was an’ not Suicide as now… but when ya team up with First, what can ya expect but mediocre irrelevance?

Larry Tact… the guy who gave Fanatic my title… can’t accept the fact he’s responsible fer more wrestling atrocities than anyone else! He killed New ERA, an’ he’s tryin’ ta do it again by livin’ through his brother. He knew when he saw ME

Mister Entertainment

At the first Cyberstrike, tha’ he had no chance, so he cried ta his brother ta get him ta come in… then they saw they couldn’t beat Mister Entertainment… so they hatched a plan… I’ll give them credit fer tha’, they suckered us in and took Her… but they’re on borrowed time, I don’t have time ta waste, I have ta do what Marcus LaRoque doesn’t want done… I have ta save New ERA, not fer him, not fer the fans… but for Her sake…

CM: Jen, can we wrap this up? This guy’s giving me the creeps.

JH: (((nodding))) OK. Going back to The First, he made you an offer. Help him or he’ll destroy you. He says he wants to save New ERA.

ME: He wants ta destroy Her! He stole Her from Shawn… then lost Her… an’ gifted Cameron a title match… how does any of tha’ save New ERA?!

He wants ta build New ERA in his vile, deformed image… he wants ta twist it inta the Tact Legacy!

JH: The First?

ME: Yes! Fanatic, The First, Fanatic, anyone! They don’t understand that New ERA is precious… New ERA needs a guiding hand… She needs ME

Mister Entertainment

And they’re gettin’ in my way! They’re trying ta stop what needs ta be done!

New ERA is my baby… my Queen… I’ve lost the vestments and the crown but a true king, a father, a kindly father will fight back ta save their child… their queen… their life…

First wants ta save New ERA… but only I can save New ERA… an’ ta do tha’, Fanatic must lose…

Fanatic must lose…

An’ New ERA must live…

(((he starts to mumble, muttering the same “New ERA must live” line. Jennifer tries to lay a hand on his shoulder, but he’s gone)))

JH: I’ll try to come back later, OK?

(((No response. Sighing, Jennifer motions the cameraman to follow her back into the hall and away from the building. As they walk, the cameraman asks her)))

CM: What do you think?

JH: I think he’s lost it… he needs help.

CM: Reckon Marcus’ll let him fight First later?

JH: I don’t know. I think we need to talk to Marcus about this, show him the footage. No way he’s in the right frame of mind for a match.

CM: Entertainment won’t like hearing that.

JH: If he wants to wrestle he will do. But who knows what’s going on in his head?

CM: Him and First… two crazy S.O.B.s right now. Losing the title’s that big a deal?

JH: It was to Entertainment, at least. Come on, let’s get back and talk to Marcus.

(((FADE OUT)))


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
The Undisputed Truth

* The First RP#2 for C11.

(FADEIN: The First now standing under the light, Muse sits on the chair behind him, the associates stand in the darkness beside them.)

FIRST: The offer is off the table. You see Mr. Entertainment, the whole point of conflict is simple, the strong are made stronger, and the weak are destroyed. You Mr. Entertainment, are weak. You lost the New ERA Title, guess what, that’s what happens to every champion except the guy who the league shuts down on, and then that man holds a belt that is meaningless. Titles do not last for forever, but there are those who get broken by defeats, broken by losing a title.

But defeat is a gift, it’s something given to us by those better than us, as a way to make us improve as a motivating factor to encourage ourselves to push even harder, train even more diligently…This is the nature of the world, this is the natural order.

And those who do not understand this, those either can not or will not improve, get moved to the sidelines, get supplanted by those who do grow, who do become better…You lost to Fanatic, so what? That was all it took to reduce the great and mighty Mr. Entertainment to this now incoherent wailing and ranting fool I see before me? That slight a slip was all it took to trigger this great fall?

You’re mentally weak, you confuse me with Fanatic, you whine and yell about this company being in pain, in torment…You’re right about that much, but it’s not because you lost a match…It’s because a corrupt system stands in place to poison this company and insure that only those who management approves up are allowed access to it’s title…

The poison in this company isn’t that Larry Tact’s kid brother beat you…It’s that he’s going to be fighting some babbling fool…Who to be honest sounds a little more coherent then you do at this moment…Which is a sad state of affairs.

I did lose to Shawn Hart, but where is he, and where am I now? What does defeat matter, what you would learn from watching that tape is meaningless…I’ve evolved since that match, become smarter, better than before…That’s the glory of the system, those who understand it benefit from it, those who can not accept the system for what it is become broken ruined fools…Like you, a man who’s had so much success, so much victory, brought down by this defeat.

You beat Fanatic that night, regained your title…The two of you were evenly matched, each battle a flip of the coin…Yet when the coin comes up the wrong way, you do not seek improvement, you do not seek redemption…No, you spiral into self-pity, you become a babbling lunatic…This is how the weak are exposed for what they truly are…All the cockiness, all the conceit…Every last bit of what Mr. Entertainment was ended when you lost a match…Now it’s replaced by whatever we would call the wretched creature that stands before us now.

But now, now Mr. Entertainment, I’m going to push you down that spiral ever further. You want to save this company? You can’t…You’re so weak you can’t even save yourself…You’re not the man to save this company…All you are is a fool who didn’t understand that nobody reigns for forever, that this sport is cruel, you get a step out of place here, get yourself trapped in a roll up there, and those three seconds fly by faster than you could ever imagine. That every night we fight, we’re dancing on the edge of a razor blade, victory and defeat decided by the slimmest of margins.

You bought into your own myth of infallibility and now look at you…Rest assured that Fanatic will not be champion for long…It will not be by Yossi the Idiot Boy’s hand that he falls…But he will fall soon enough…And odds are it’ll be at MY hand…And when he does, you can tear down all your little posters, you can replace everyone’s name with my name…And you can howl at the moon about “The Wrestling Bieber” and all the rest of it…But it will change nothing…

You’ve let the game pass you by Mr. Entertainment…And now it’s my time…It’s the time of the Shadow Cult…New ERA will be reborn…Marcus will be removed from power or made to be a puppet that dances on the strings I control…

This is the future, this is the fate of all of you…I’m sorry it had to be this way for you Mr. Entertainment, but you either forgot, or ignored the truth, the ONLY truth in this world…

Survival of the Fittest…

Evolve or Die…



Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
My Scars I Show You Them...

* Mr. Entertainment RP#2 for C11.

(((FADE IN to outside the discarded throne room. Jennifer Harding, dressed in the same clothes as earlier and carrying a paper bag, takes a deep breath before leading the camera through the door, her face showing a smile even though her eyes show concern)))

JH: Are you here?

(((The camera PANS ROUND until it spots Mr Entertainment sitting in the corner. The stereo system is still next to him, playing Nox Arcana, but instead of the DVD player he’s cradling the battered crown. Jennifer approaches him, taking a 2 litre bottle of water from the bag)))

JH: Hey… are you alright? I’ve brought you some water. I spoke to Marcus, he said he wants you to call him.

ME: Why?

JH: Because he’s not sure you can compete.

ME: Why did you call him?

JH: Because he’s the boss of New ERA, and he’s worried about your mental health.

ME: He’s a cancer… one of dozens in New ERA… they’re killing Her… you should go.

JH: But

ME: GO!!

(((His words echoing around the room, his face perfectly calm, he focuses on the crown as Jennifer, startled, places the bag next to him)))

JH: Listen… please, call Marcus. Talk to him.

(((She stands, and starts to head back toward the door as the camera follows her)))

ME: Wait…

(((She turns, the camera PANNING BACK to Mr Entertainment)))

ME: I have a match tonight, don’t I?

JH: Yes.

ME: Yes… she did talk about it earlier… I know, I know, she doesn’t think I should compete… she doesn’t think… no, stop that… that’s not a nice thing to say…

Yes… we will beat Fanatic tonight…

JH: You’re facing First. Are you sure you can compete? I’m calling

ME: Put the phone down, Jennifer. I know who I’m wrestling. The Wrestling Bieber, the man who says he’s gonna save New ERA. The man who’s just… like… Fanatic…

Don’t ferget, Jennifer, tha’ I hear everything… New ERA tells ME

Mister Entertainment

Everything… She’s in such pain, Her screams are so loud, but She still… She still knows what She wants, what She needs, and She’s helping ME

Mister Entertainment…

I know… I know that look… you think I’m crazy, don’t you?

(((Jennifer comes back into shot, crouching down next to the former New ERA Champion)))

JH: You’re sitting in the dark talking to yourself… I think you need help.

ME: I have all the help I need. New ERA, my love, my inspiration, needs Mister Entertainment… She needs Her King.

She doesn’t need Fanatic, or Marcus, or The First… She needs those cancers removed… and tonight I can remove all of them…

JH: Wait, you’re not saying you’re actually going to go out there like this?

ME: Why shouldn’t I? When New ERA Herself is guiding ME

Mister… Entertainment…

JH: What makes you think you can even win tonight? Listen to yourself, how long have you been down here? Since Primetime?

ME: I was lost… I lost… I couldn’t save Her… my precious… so yes, I came here. I’ve been wandering… but I came here. I came here to think, and to listen. And I have listened… I’ve listened long an’ hard ta what others have had ta say, ta what New ERA has told Mister Entertainment, and I’ve heard everything… and I know what New ERA… needs… I know what needs ta be done.

(((He lifts his face, a twisted smile on his lips, his eyes oddly calm)))

ME: I’ve heard what the Wrestling Bieber, The First, has had ta say. And I’ve heard what he truly believes, what his true motivations are. Because New ERA knows everything, and She has seen that the Shadow Cult… is more than just a cancer… it’s not abou’ savin’ New ERA… it’s abou’ The First massaging his ego.

JH: What do you mean?

ME: He wants to save New ERA because he wants to be called the hero… the saviour… he wants the glory… he needs it, and when he can’t have it… he doesn’t like it… when he thought he couldn’t use Shawn Hart because Shawn was hurt, he threw a tantrum… when he lost the New ERA title, he started plotting in his dressing room that night… New ERA has told Mister Entertainment this… an’ he plotted a way to get back at Her for leaving him…

He’s trying to kill New ERA, not save it, because only one person can save New ERA before it’s too late…

JH: OK… but you heard what he said.

ME: I’ve heard everything that everyone has said… and I know what the Fanatic-lover thinks… that his hero and I were evenly matched at Primetime, but do you remember what happened? Do you remember what happened? How… Larry… Tact… injected poison into the veins of this company, yet… again?

JH: He

ME: HE TRICKED ME!! HE TRICKED MISTER ENTERTAINMENT!! HE… he and his lackey, Marcus LaRoque… they forced the match to happen early… and I still had Fanatic beaten, I had him!

And Larry Tact attacked with a ring bell… and helped his “honourable” brother steal the New ERA Championship…

No… Fanatic and I weren’t evenly matched… in a fair fight, I won… I won… an’ as damned as the NFL is getting sued by former players, I can tell you, Jennifer, tha’ withou’ tha’ ring bell, Fanatic would not be New ERA Champion.

But that’s what the Wrestling Bieber does, isn’t it, my precious? He twists the truth, he twists the world to try and create his own reality, one where he’s relevant, one where he doesn’t run an’ hide just because things don’t go his way…

But the truth is he’s sick, he’s spreading his sickness throughout New ERA… he’s not relevant but he’s a sore that cannot be allowed to fester.

JH: But isn’t he right about wrestling?

ME: No. He’s not right abou’ anythin’… if you ask him if it’s night or day, he’ll be wrong. Fanatic an’ his Shadow Cult… are nothing.

Only the strong survive? Evolve? Die?

How… how wrong can you be, Fanatic… evolution is the quest for perfection in your environment… an’ in New ERA… nobody… beats… Mister… Entertainment… withou’ help.

Wrestling isn’t cruel… New ERA isn’t cruel, She’s kind… an’ She knows… She knows tha’ I am perfection… I… was… perfection…

JH: You were. But after Primetime - you did lose.

ME: She was stolen… by the Tact Legacy. And She is screaming for Mister Entertainment to save Her.

Evolve… I don’t need ta evolve… I don’t have time ta evolve. I have to save New ERA

JH: But how can you save New ERA if you don’t improve?

ME: … by cutting out the cancer of the Tact Legacy… I don’t need to improve. The crocodile doesn’t need to improve… the shark… they’re perfect… perfectly suited to their environment. The Kings of their domains, unchanged, cold…

Like I am. I’m not heartless… I’ll give the First a chance ta bow out, ta get out of my way… that’s what you want him ta do, isn’t it? But we both know he won’t do that, no, his ego won’t let him, he doesn’t care about you… he only cares about himself, getting his name in lights. He doesn’t care about the others on the roster, he wants to rule over all without the responsibility, without the shoulders ta carry this burden…

Yes… he’s just like Fanatic, the one who’s hurting You…

JH: How are you going to beat First, if he doesn’t step aside?

ME: The same way that I have beaten everyone, Jennifer. Everyone who’s stepped in my way… on my own… withou’ help. Life isn’t fair, it can be cruel, I have lost… but no one man is enough ta stand in my way… the only thing stopping Mister Entertainment from saving New ERA a’ Cyberstrike is the cancer that sits in the front office…

Yes… Marcus… he’s got to go… or see that I am New ERA…

First… isn’t New ERA…

(((Out of the corner of the shot we can see Mr Entertainment press a button on the stereo system, and a new song starts to play – something by Blaze Bayley, the song we could hear faintly earlier in the day. Jennifer rests her hand on his lower arm)))

JH: OK… but… I don’t know, I’m worried about you.

ME: You should be worried abou’ New ERA… because if The First gets his way… if Fanatic stays as champion… if those two things happen, She’s going to die and there’s nothing… nothing even I can do to help…

JH: What do you mean?

ME: Pray that you never find out, Jennifer… pray that you never… ever… find out.

JH: OK. I won’t try to talk you out of competing tonight. But are you up for this? Are you ready?

ME: I have to be… for You… I have to save You… all of you… Fanatic isn’t going to keep You hostage…

(((singing))) I won’t give up this pain, the pain of what I’ve lost…

(((We hear the first chorus of the song)))

JH: OK… well… I’ve got to go. I hope you feel better, OK?

ME: I’ll feel better… when The First’s ego is crushed… when Fanatic is crushed… when the cancers, all of them, are cut out… an’ New ERA is returned to Mister Entertainment… I’ll keep you safe… Jennifer… New ERA… I’ll…

Save you all…

(((Jennifer, patting him gently on the arm, stands and walks out of shot. The camera lingers on Mr Entertainment for a few seconds, before following her from the room. Once in the corridor, the door closed, she sighs, seemingly forgetting the camera is there as she closes her eyes, hearing Mr Entertainment singing along to the song)))

JH: He’s lost it… he’s really, really lost it.

(((Suddenly, her cell phone rings. Digging into the paper bag she answers the call)))

JH: Hello? Marcus? Yeah, he’s going to compete. I don’t know. I can’t say. But get the ref to keep an eye on him, I don’t know what he’s going to be like.

(((FADE OUT)))

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