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EPW World Tag Team Title Match - Cameron Cruise Project (c) vs. The Proletariat


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Jan 1, 2000
Kevin Nash Stole My Heart
<i>[Fade IN: C.E. Augustus and C.P. Nero, The Proletariat, sitting in front of an EPW/NEW Wrestlestock backdrop.]</i>

“The countdown begins until Wrestlestock,” Augustus began, which was unusual, as normally Nero begins most interviews. “I look forward to watching the spectacle of the first night. EPW World Title being defended, EPW Television Title being defended, and the EPW King of the Cage final, something I should by all rights be a part of… but it worked out for the better. You see, at the second night, the better night, of Wrestlestock, my partner, Nero, and I will be challenging the Cameron Cruise Project for the Empire Pro Wrestling Tag Team titles. On any other occasion we’d be more than happy, we’d be flattered, to be challenging for a title on such an important night, but not this time.”

“You see,” Nero cut in. “This isn’t a normal occasion. Augustus and I, the Proletariat, we should be in a match for our very first title defense, NOT challenging for the titles. We already won those titles from the rightful champions, Blitz. If it wasn’t for this whole backstage struggle, we’d be sitting here as the EP-Dub World Tag Team Champions. Instead, we sit here as the FUTURE EP-Dub World Tag Champs. We’re one tenth World Tag Team Champs. How does that work, you say? We sit here without the belts, and possession is nine tenths of the law, come Wrestlestock, we’ll have both possession and right to have those belts.”

“But it’s not just Dan Ryan’s political agenda,” Augustus barked. “That screwed us out of those titles. No, the Cameron Cruise Project is also at fault. You see if one half of the C-C-P had bothered showing up to lose the belts to Blitz, there wouldn’t have been this mess. If Joey Melton had bothered to show up, those Irishred and Dan Ryan wouldn’t have stuck in their noses into the Tag Team title picture. Which is why, we’re going after you, Joey Melton.”

“Joey Melton, you really… really… to be PC, make me unhappy,” Nero started. “It’s just that you didn’t give a damn about the fans that paid to see Blitz versus the Cameron Cruise Project. You didn’t give a damn about the promotion that paid you to show up and wrestle that match. Joey Melton, you didn’t give a damn about anybody but you! As far as I’m concerned, I’m surprised you still have a job in this company after you pulled off that little stunt of yours!”

“It’s a sad state EPW is in,” Augustus smiled, “when an over-the-hill performer like you, Joey Melton, doesn’t get fired or even suspended for not showing up to a title defense.”

Nero and Augustus remained quiet for a few seconds before Nero began speaking again.

“By all rights, you should be back in North Carolina in your mansion, the mansion that you were able to buy by extorting the fans and promoters out of their money, just wasting away while Cameron Cruise tries and fails to defend your titles against us. But for some god forsaken reason, promoters still think your over-the-hill persona puts asses in the seats when the fact is, it’s not you that puts asses in the seats. It’s wrestlers like Augustus and I, it’s wrestlers like Blitz, like Shawn Hart, like Adam Bejamin… ok, that’s a lie. Nobody buys a ticket to see Adam Benjamin. But that’s not the point, the point is Cameron Cruise, Joey Melton, your far from illustrious title reign will end at Wrestlestock in front of the largest crowd the Proletariat has ever worked in front of. Working in front of over sixty thousand fans at the Giants Stadium at the Meadowlands,” Nero’s eyes sparkled. “The more the merrier they say, I hope so.”

“It’ll be our…” Augustus chimed in. “Crowning achievement.”

<i>[Fade OUT.]</i>

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