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Eric McRae & Marshall Snow vs Mike C & Donny Collins


League Member
Sep 16, 2004
Main Frame

(Camera pans in to see "All Business" Eric McRae sitting at a bar, dressed in an EUWC t-shirt, and simple blue jeans. He is drinking a Budweiser, while watching the Texas-Oklahoma football game, he is screaming at the TV as his beloved Longhorns are losing...badly. He turns to the camera and begins to speak...)

You know Collins, I may have been wrong about you. You apparently are a little more bright than I originally thought. You do realize that you are nothing more than a passing shadow in your brother's glory. So I give you credit. But...there's a catch. What kind of person, especially an "EUWC-Superstar" embraces that type of glory? Knowing that you can never reach the top, never get to the point where everyone else wants to be. It's a losers-mentality and its a sh*t-mentality.

You see with me, I don't take second to nobody. I will never be in the shadow of someone else, because I cast my own shadow. I get what I want because I'll fight to the death to get it. Even if I have to team with some guy that I've never heard of against two bums like Donny Collins and "Mike C."

And I know what I said the other day, and I think you misunderstood me. That match is "MY MATCH." It isn't your match, it isn't Mike C's match, it isn't even Marshall Snow's match. He is just another guy that was lucky enough to team with the best. I told you not to show up because I will be waiting, I will be there, and I will destroy you. That steel chair shot to the back was just the beginning for you and me Collins. This Main Frame, I will get the revenge that I deserve for that crap you pulled in our match.

You are nothing more to me than a stepping stone in my path back to the top. And as long as you know that you aren't anything more than a flickering shadow trailing behind your brother's back, then I guess you know that you aren't as good as me. But everyone will get to see that soon, and I just can't wait to kick your ass again.

(He then screams again, as Oklahoma scores another touchdown, then proceeds to throw an empty beer bottle against the opposite wall, nearly injuring a bar patron. He then gets up, and walks into the bathroom. Camera fades to black)

Danny Collins

League Member
Sep 4, 2004

(The scene opens in a London hotel, where Donny Collins is unpacking his clothes, upon noticing the camera, he turns, and begins to speak.)

Donny Collins: So here I am again, back home, for what reason I don't know, but there is one man who does know, and that is the guy who casts an overwhelming shadow over me, my brother, The World Champion, Danny Collins! But does he really cast a shadow upon me McRae? Think about it, I was a noboddy a few months back, look at me now, I am known world wide, and it is all thanks to my brother. So what if I am only known to people as Danny's brother? Do I look bothered? No, because I am proud to be a Collins, I am proud to be the brother of the greatest wrestler today.

(Donny walks toward the window and looks out on the street below.)

Donny Collins: There is no shadow McRae, all I see is a bloody Red neck Texan with about as many manners as a farm pig! Look in my eyes McRae.

(Donny turns to the camera.)

Donny Collins: I am more then ready for you, and any body else in the EUWC, because no member of the Collins family shows fear, my Grandad, God rest his soul, fought for our country in the war, hell, he even fought for your country! We fear no one, including farm pigs like yourself. McRae, I beat you, face it, it happened, and it doesn't matter how I did it, nor does it matter why I did it, all that matters is; I WON.

Just remember it Eric, because it is true.
Now, I am sure you know that you are in the Blood Bath match, but did you know I have also been entered? Yes, I have. I am going into that match with two goals, two goals that need to be fullfilled, one, is to make sure I win that title shot, and the other is to make sure you don't. So come this week on Main Frame, when you team with your "Partner" in the match,oh wait you don't know what Marshall Snow is like do you? Ha, well, I will let you find out for yourself, after Mike C and I kick your asses, and you and Marshall Snow get in the shower.... You'll see what I mean.

Be ready Eric, because revenge is on the horizon for me, and a beating is in store for you! Have fun this week asshole, because I will!

(Donny waves the camera away before returning to his suitcase, as the camera fades.)

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