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Eric McRae vs Donny Collins

Danny Collins

League Member
Sep 4, 2004
Whos this guy?

(The scene opens in a cafe in the busy streets of london. Through the large glass windows cars whizz past and people go about their business, while further away in the background, the large buildings of Canary Wharf can be seen. The camera pans away from the window and stops at a table, where none other then Donny Collins sits. Donny sips his cup of tea while looking down at a newspaper in front of him.)

Donny Collins: Bloody immigrants....

(Donny turns the page and his eyes widen.)

Donny Collins: Well, well, what do we have here then?

(The camera zooms in on the page. Centred among all the tiny printed words, is a large picture of Donny and Danny Collins, with the heading; London Twins Look to Rule U.S! Donny sits back and a large smile comes across his face, as he begins to speak.)

Donny Collins: Would you look at that, I've been here five minutes and already I'm in the paper! Yeah, so maybe its mainly because Dan is so well known, but still, after just a couple of matches, I am here, in front of everyone, on my favourite paper. Well, I am flattered, but I tell you what, love and admiration like this cannot go unnoticed, so when Danny and I arrive back in the U.S.A tonight, and make our way to the arena, there will be one thing, and one thing only on our minds, winning.
See, when your country show such respect, you must repay them. ANd repay you I will England. See this week on Main Frame I have to face a newbie named Eric McRae. Now, I know what you are saying right now, I'm a newbie too right? Sure, I'm a rookie if you will, but there's a huge difference between Eric and myself, I have been trained by the future world champion, and my twin brother, Danny Collins. Now tell me, is that a disadvantage? Hell no. Its a major advantage.

(Donny reaches over and grabs his cup of tea once more, before taking a sip and continuing to speak.)

Donny Collins: And well, since Mr. McRae has chosen to take a vow of silence for whatever reason, I don't really have much to say except, good luck mate, because after what Sevyn pulled at Ultra Brawl, I am looking for someone to take my frustrations out on, and seeing as you and me are signed, looks like lady luck has decided to let you do it alone. Welcome to the EUWC Eric, have fun this friday, I know I will.
Oi mate! Another cuppa over here please!

(The man nods to Donny as he goes back to reading his paper, while the scene fades to black.)

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