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Jan 1, 2000
Mayflower, Arkansas
**Fade in....

The outside of the mansion home of Lance Liezure. It's quiet. The dark brick walls stand silently next to the car port which holds under it Lance's 2002 Silver Chevy Cavalir. After a few moments, a van with a CSWA logo on each side pulls up to the driveway. A CSWA camera crew jumps out with cameras ready. They run up to the doorway and knock.....

No answer.

They continue to knock until they realize the door isn't locked and make their own way in.

Cut to the inside of the house, a faint sound of loud music is heard coming from downstairs. It doesn't sound like a stereo, though, and it's only drums, bass, and vocals. The crew follows the music as it grows louder and louder. They finally find the source coming from the basement studio. They walk in and see Guitar and Drum magazines scattered around as well as lyrics and CD's.

One member of the crew grabs a piece of paper and begins to read the beginning of the song.

"Slowly creeping down the path,
Gathering it's friends along the way,
The wind then catches them softly,
And blows me to my destiny..."

He places the paper back down on the table. They round the corner to find Lance behind a blue Tama 7-piece drumset, playing as hard and fast as he can. With him is a guy just a little taller than Lance. He has blonde hair which goes down about to his chin. A black japanese anime button up shirt with jeans and black and grey sketchers...the same as Lance wears. And peculiarly enough he has all nails trimmed short, but for two very long pinky nails. The crew doesn't recognize this man. He continues playing bass as well, not noticing the crew.

Finally, the song starts to wind down.**

Lance: (Singing) My intentions are....

Bassist: (Singing) Vin....Di....Ca....Tion!

**Cymbal crashes galor while the bassist strikes his bass to emphasize the ending. Then it winds down.**

Bassisit: Hell Yeah!

**One last crash and chord to end the song. The crew immediately start clapping which quickly gets them noticed. Lance jumps up quickly and the bassist follows him. They open the door of the studio and step out into the area with all of the mixers and sound board, also where the crew was standing.**

Lance: What do you guys want? How did you get in here?

Man 1: The door was unlocked!

Lance: (Muttering) Gotta' remember to lock that damn door...

Anyways, what are you doing here?

Man 1: Well, as you know, Fish Fund is approaching soon, and I would like to get your thoughts going into the PPV.

Lance: That's right! Fish Fund IS soon, isn't it?

**The crew simultaniously nods.**

Lance: (To the bassist) Freaky...

(Turning back to the crew) Anyhow...my thoughts?

Weelllll, I do wish I could be out there giving some lowlife the THRASHING of a lifetime, but since I don't I do have my eye on a couple of matches on the card. I'm sure you guys can guess which ones, right?

Man 1: Yes, I do. But for the sake of the people watching at home, what are those matches?

Lance: Well, the first match is certainly the Mike Plett match against GUNS.

Man 1: And why is that, Lance?

Lance: The reason for that is because I hope at Fish Fund Mike finally shows everyone who's doubting him that he's CSWA all the way. I hope he demolishes "The World's Dumbest Ass." I have alot of respect for Plett and I hope to see that he goes far here. I've heard alot about GUNS myself, and I for one think that he isn't someone that ANYONE should be rooting for in this match. He's self-centered, egotistical...and that's just the start of it. The final reason I'll be paying close attention to this match is 'cause I have a feeling something big is going to go down. I've talked to Plett some, and he seems super-stoked about something. I can't put my finger on it, but I do believe there is a reason to check out this match.

Man 1: I see. Now, Lance, what is the second match that you will be keeping you eye on?

Lance: Well, this one is a given. It's the Powers and Logan - Love and Radder match. As you know, Powers and Logan gave me some trouble a while back, but were too afraid to face me man-to-man. Then they're going to go off like nothing ever happened and forget about it. Well, I have news for them, I HAVEN'T FORGOT! I still remember every blow that landed on my body when Logan attacked me FROM BEHIND at Anniversary! Every blow that landed on me when Powers attacked me FROM BEHIND at Primetime when I had Logan BEAT! I haven't forgotten, guys, and be warned you haven't gotten away with it yet. At Fish Fund...god I wish it were me, but Love and Radder, I hope they DECIMATE you two! Like I said before "Too Scared" and "Total Zero," I haven't forgot and you won't soon forget either. (Lance pauses) You know, I think instead of watching these events from the comfort of my own home, I think I'm gonna' go ahead and see these things as they happen live and who knows? Maybe you might see your hero, Lance Liezure, somewhere on the PPV.

C'mon, Jess, get your stuff we're going to Sweetwater, Texas...we've still got a few days to get there.

**Lance and the bassist push their way past the camera crew and up the steps out of the studio as the crew is left standing there, baffled. After they stand there a few moments, Lance comes running back down.**

Lance: What the hell are you standing here for?! Get the hell out!

**The crew scurries up the stairs and out the door of Lance's mansion. They run for the CSWA van as we...

Fade to black!**

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