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esoteric eric

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Jan 18, 2015

Wrestler Name: esoteric eric
Nicknames (if applicable):
Height: 5'10
Weight: 215 pound
Hometown: (exact origin unknown though billed from) High Wycombe, England
Birthdate: (exact origin unknown but billed as) 01/04/88(d/m/y)

Physical appearance: bald, stubble, two big scars across his face, slightly above medium build (still small for a wrestler)
Ring gear: Wears a black boiler suit, scruffy black trainers with a hole in the right shoe
Theme music: Still Ill(the smiths)
Ring entrance: (subject to individual match, write one each show)

Face or heel?: Heel
Gimmick: A depressed, sociopathic misanthrope who delivers eloquent, philosophical promos (loosely based on raven).

Ring style: extremely crafty can cheat without being caught (ie low blows, eye gauging, using weapons illegally), avoids physically fair fights or fist fights constantly moving until he is in the position to inflict pain and the opponent is damaged enough to win a fair fight, although great with hardcore aspects is more technical than physical and a great lover of submission holds (headlock, figure 4 leg lock, Boston crab, Tarantula(see tajiri) etc), resourceful to use whatever he can to gain a advantage

Brief biography: Eric's past is kind of a mystery to all at RLW, a loner who was subjected to serious bullying at school. Always one to avoid a fair fight but seems to find a way of inflicting pain on others, he sees this a metaphoric picture of the inner torment he feels all the time.

Nothing is known of his birth or his exact age, but uses this mystique to his advantage. 'You know nothing of me, but I know everything about you'

A misanthrope with a bleak outlook on life and lives purely to manifest this inner pain into outer pain for others. Gets great pleasure from seeing pain in discomfort in others.

He wrestles because he loves hurting people, extremely condescending about those who get passionate about this profession as a sport.

Three strengths: 1) Submission specialist- technical ability on submission holds is second to none, especially effective in hardcore matches (strangling with rope round ring, barbed wire) loves to see the pain of torturing others

2) Intelligence- He understands ring psychology and how to utilise what's around to his advantage. His lack of wrestling ethics, means he will cheat when he knows he will get away with it and that he will do whatever he needs to do to avoid a brawl with a bigger stronger wrestler.

3) Pain threshold- has a extremely high pain threshold and knows how to take a beating.

Three weaknesses: 1) not finishing the job- one flaw in Eric's armour. Is that his lack of care for his win/loss record or the concept of competition, means his sadistic nature in subjecting the opponent to pain and torture often results in disqualification or a roll up pin against him in a match he dominated.

2) Size- eric is over reliant upon his intelligence and psychological warfare because at 5'10(215 pound) he is smaller than most heavyweight wrestlers

3) Psychological warfare backfiring- due to his very personal emotionally manipulative techniques at messing with the opponent. Occasionally enemy's interrupt matches, meaning Eric is outnumbered.

5-10 signature manoeuvres: tarantula
Wire lock (when behind opponent, applies a headlock with barbed wire)
Re-evaluation lock (cross face)
Psychiatric check (While opponents running towards grabs the hold on the opponent's leg, the wrestler would fall backwards, dropping the opponent front-first into the canvas)
Narcotic crab (Boston crab)
Eye gouge (eye gouge until blood drips from the eyes and vision is blurred)

Finishing manoeuvre: Detrimental drop (facing opponent first applies a chokehold with one hand choking the opponent into a almost unconscious state and is executed by wrapping the same arm round their head in one transaction (very quickly with the same hand) putting the opponent's head underneath his arm in a front facelock and then falling back, driving the opponent's head into the mat)

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Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
We've messaged back and forth and I'm going to approve the application. Make sure to do some reading of past RLW cards, read the RPs of characters who are doing well here, and have some fun.

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