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Eternal Judgement - Let it come!

Spike Saunders

Super Moderator
Oct 7, 2004
DENVER, CO ? As they say, judgement has come! The champions of NBW face some of their toughest challenges to date! Keystone Champion Jake Tockwell will be defending his championship against Blitzkrieg champion ?Big Damn Hero? Ricky Strongbern to kick everything off! We will also have the Dynasty Tag Team Championships defended by Clan Strongbern?s Rik Bonebreaker and RiKhan, against former champions The House!

Additionally we have a Ladder Match which will see Simon Landis III and Amazing Sparrow Jr square of in order to retrieve their prized possessions. Landis? jersey, and Sparrow?s cape! Both will be hanging above the ring!

In further Tag Team action we will have The Fightin? LaRues joined by Dude in Mask to settle their score with The Xiang Dynasty! And if that wasn?t enough, Zed will take on the returning Matt Haddon in a No Holds Barred match!

As if that wasn?t enough action, two men tearing at each others throats for the past few months will clash in a non-sanctioned Last Man Standing match when OMEGA and Brock Newbludd clash!

And of course our Main Event will see former double Champion, the current NBW World Heavyweight Champion, Jonny Bedlam defend the prestigious championship against the leader of Clan Strongbern, Big Rick Strongbern!
All that and plenty more, so catch the replay today! As a special offer the pay per view costs have been SLICED in half! ? To be honest we could just give it away free but all proceeds are going to the First Responders fund!


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