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EUWC Merchandise ***HUGE UPDATE***

Sean Taylor

League Member
Sep 3, 2004
Kingston, Ontario

Thanks to a number of people, there are lots of new merchandise on the site. I have also cleaned it up by taking out some of the merchandise of superstars who are no longer in the EUWC.

New Merchandise:
T-shirt - Diabolic Forces
DVD - Dominion War
DVD - Good As Gold Volume 2
T-shirt - Havoc
Video Game - Main Frame 2: Dominion War
Misc - Samuel Roundtree Foam Fists
T-shirt - Samuel Roundtree
Baby Tee - Staci Seymore
DVD - Ultra Brawl VI

There is also a special section for a new for parody shirts. Most (re: all) of these shirts are featuring Sean Taylor because, frankly, I get bored. Check them out though. I'm totally willing to make you your own if you want something to keep as a laugh.

Check out the parody shirts and all the other new merchandise at


Once again, if you want your own merchandise all you have to do is email me with the details and a write up for it at trcowfoou@yahoo.com

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