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eW Locker Room 1.2.0 Released - New Features!


League Member
May 16, 2010
I am pleased to announce today that eW Locker Room version 1.2 has now been released. With some excellent new features, such as:

* New mobile version - Low page size stripped down version which allows your handlers to post/edit roleplays, articles and segments from their mobile device
* MP3 file upload to stream wrestler theme music from their bio pages
* YouTube embedding to allow wrestlers to have YouTube videos of their ring entrances on their Bios
* Sequencing of show segments is now even easier with Up and Down buttons

These, along with other minor bugfixes and performance enhancement add to our already impressive feature list.

* Roster Management: Securely create and edit wrestlers and tag teams and assign them to registered users to handle. Make units active or inactive and your rosterpage is automatically kept up to date.
* Easy Handling: Your handlers can log in and roleplay, post news articles, submit segments for your shows and keep their profiles up to date - You never have to update user requests again!
* Photo Gallery: Create photo galleries for your bio members and easily attached photos to them.
* Show Management and Production: Produce shows, assign matches to writers, and sequence matches and segments submitted by wrestlers to quickly and easily produce a full event. It also auto archives the show posting and can update your websites "Latest Show" link for you!
* News Publishing: Submit news as a admin or a handler in as many categories as you like, and you can even decide if you want them to submit the articles straight to the site or require your approval. NEW: Now with article/roleplay comments and ratings.
* Hall of Fame and Awards: Reward your long time handlers/wrestlers with awards or induct them into the hall of fame. You can even produce entire award shows!
* Static Page Management: Keep your more static pages, for example your Rules page, easily up to date with the WYSIWYG functions.
* Simple Settings: You can turn off and on many of the functions using simple drop down menus.

Download it now!

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