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ew: Press Conference regarding the World Title


New member
Oct 8, 2004
Wigan, Near Manchester, England
Source: http://scottdaviesdesign.co.uk/ew/
One more spot available, then I'll probably close the applications for a while.


Beer logos and clothing brands litter the wall in a repeated pattern. Taking a seat in front of the sponsors for this coming week?s Stream is Ryan Johnson, a large bandaid on his bald forehead and stubble patching his face. A few cameras click as he pulls his chair under the microphone-covered table. Also on the table, a lumpy object covered by a black satin cloth.

?Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for attending today?s press conference. Today ew unveils its one and only title belt,? he says, pulling the cloth from the top of a heavy-looking gold plated title belt. ?and I am pleased to announce that two competitors have been selected to fight for this title at the Legends Pay-Per-View in just over a months time.?

?Ryan, Ryan!? a journalist interjects, ?How are you feeling after being assaulted by Vorbote on last week?s show??

Ryan sighs.

?Look, I?m pretty banged up physically, and to be honest I?m not in the best of moods, but I have to hand it to him? Vorbote proved that he is the biggest, baddest mother [BEEP] on the roster. So yes, Vorbote is one of the competitors in the main event at Legends. Yes, Vorbote will be fighting for this world heavyweight championship.?

Questions are thrown at Ryan from a number of reports creating a garbled wall of noise. He holds his hands up and waits for them to quieten.

?And his opponent will be the third generation legendary professional wrestler, ?Golden? Allan Miller.?

Cameras flash, questions are again thrown at Ryan but, without any hesitation he grabs his sugar-packed caffeine laced canned drink and leaves.

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