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EWNexus Announces Partnership With Daz 3D

David T

Aug 14, 2004
Orlando, Fl

DAZ 3D, a privately-held company located in Draper, Utah, has been a frontrunner in the 3D content creation and publishing industry since the company's inception in December of 2000. Creators of Victoria, the single most widely used and supported 3D human figure commercially available, DAZ 3D is especially known for its amazingly versatile, realistic, inter-compatible and affordable 3D models and accessories. The DAZ 3D library contains over 7,000 products, both DAZ 3D-owned and published for a large, loyal community of artists.

DAZ 3D is also a leading provider of affordable, yet powerful 3D software, including Bryce - a 3D environment and animation package, Carrara - a complete 3D modeling, animation and rendering solution, DAZ Studio - a free 3D digital art creation tool downloaded over 1.5 million times, Hexagon - polygonal modeling software for the creation of 'ready-to-render' 3D models, and Mimic - a lip-synching application.

After merging with Gizmoz, the leading face detection, mapping, and manipulation technology company, in December 2009, DAZ 3D is now poised to expand its reach as the leading publisher of personalized 3D characters, software, and accessories. The combined company will help gamers, 3D hobbyists, and creative professionals alike experience their digital goods and identities in the platform of their choice by combining ultra-realistic, interoperable 3D characters with easy-to-use tools.

"We're really excited to help distribute the newest free download of Daz Studio 3." stated the mysterious leader of the E-Wrestling Nexus, the Masked Admin. He continued, "The e-wrestling community has a number of great graphic artists. The thing is a new generation of talented people are going to need and want the best tools out there available. There's no better place to find what they'll need to stand out among the rest with what Daz 3D offers. When someone asks where did that guy make that cool graphic I'm sending them directly to our new sponsor. It's a euphoric moment to be able to say that."

For the latest in state of the art graphics and animation tools go to:


Related link: http://www.ewnexus.com


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