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"Experience" Alex Austin

batman cool

League Member
Nov 18, 2010
Name: “Experience” Alex Austin
Height: 5’10
Weight: 224
Hails From: Coon Rapids, Minnesota
Music: “The Final Countdown” by Europe

Physical Appearance: White guy. Brown eyes. Short black hair, Caesar-cut hair style. Sometimes a trimmed full-face beard, other times it’s just five o’clock shadow. Body type is similar to Owen Hart, a slightly smaller Kurt Angle or a slightly larger Austin Aries.

Ring Attire: Black spandex shorts with white lining around the trim. One leg reads “AA” in white lettering on the front, the other reads “CATCH!”, a reference to his catch-wrestling submission background. Wears wrestling shoes and tapes up his legs to provide traction for leg locks.

In-Ring Style: Submissions expert. He’s very athletic, but only sometimes aerial. Doesn’t have a great defense against the brawl, and will take a ton of damage trying to get into the clinch. His philosophy is that if he can turn it into a submission fight, he’ll beat anybody.

Moveset: (Min. 5) Bridged German suplex, rolling knee bar, ankle lock, head-arm triangle, inverted triangle from side control, gogoplata, omoplata, various armbars, superman elbow strike, leg kicks, various suplexes.

Finisher: Flying Triangle (Aerial triangle choke); Anaconda (modified rolling darce choke)

Personality: One of those very serious type of assholes. Has a condescending view of professional wrestlers as being inferior to submission wrestlers. Thinks they benefit from a lack of serious competition (all the great submissions artists compete in grappling or MMA).

Background: Multiple time NAGA and Grappler’s Quest tournament champion. Received an invitation to and competed in the Abu Dhabi submission grappling tournament, which is the most prestigious tournament in the world. High School wrestling champion who went on to receive extensive training in catch wrestling and BJJ from multiple teachers. Has limited experience in professional wrestling. He’s also a Buddhist.

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