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Faith survives


Apr 1, 1998
Urbana, OH
(Deacon sits in a folding chair, his large frame dwarfing it. He doesn't bother to look at the camera as he speaks.)

D: I gave it my best... at Battle of t'e Belts, I went in t'at ring knowing I not man I was... knowing I not able to do what I done before... knowing t'at my vaunted strength not as strong as it was before. I went in, and I fought... wit' Guns telling me to stay put in the corner to "wave at t'e fans" - I fought.... and I fought wit' fait'.

I guess you could say I came up short, but I not see it t'at way. It was my first pay per view, my first "big" match, my first chance to do t'is in a big way... and I did it.

When I not able to even walk, I remember t'e feeling of t'at first step. I not know if I would break my neck, but I could no longer stay in t'at chair. I had to rise, and I did. I took it, and it felt so good. I took a step forward.

I fell.

When I hit t'e ground, all t'e air rushed out of me. I was defeated, after all, I was on ground - the one place I shouldn't have been. I had lost... but I had taken t'e step. A few minutes later, I did it again. And again, after a few steps, I fell.

I not foolish enough to put what happen in t'e ring wit' what happen in t'at hospital. The effort put fort' in t'at ring is NOT'ING compared to effort given to begin my walk back.

But it part of t'e journey. Now, I walk again. Now, I wrestle again. Now, I face Jean-Paul.

And it all part of t'e journey of fait'. And in the end, that journey will show an evidence... not of MY strength, but of HIS providence... His faithfulness.

And in the end, the world will see the evidence of the faith that I have spoken of for so long... and then, they will not be able to deny it.

(Finally, Deacon looks at the camera. His eyes are tired, reddened from tears unseen by the viewer. His body is loose, not from stretching but from exhaustion. And inside, you can not help but wonder if his heart is not broken... and if it is, if the Master the Deacon has served in strength can use that heart in weakness.)

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