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Fatal Fourway (Cane / Smith / Hawke / McAllister)


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
((Posted for Cane since he is still having troubles logging in.)

{{the scene fades in to trevor cane who is standing alone on an empty street, his hands and head bandaged from the boiler room brawl on the last raucous still. he looks at the camera with a look of disdain as someone off camera tells him that they're rolling.}}

the messenger

"and so it was. some would say that travis smith got the better of me on raucous. some would say that he prevailed in that boiler room brawl and took away some of the momentum i had been building up. but anyone who knows me thus knows that that wasn't the case. the only person who beat the messenger was the messenger himself. i brought it upon myself. i agreed to that boiler room brawl out of pure hatred for 'too sweet' and everything he stands for. and i paid the price. dearly. but now that i'm all fixed up, i can still see the light at the end of the tunnel. granted now i'm having more dirt tossed on top of me in the form of ace mccallister and jason hawke, but the fundamental remains; travis smith. and it will be travis smith in the end. i did not work towards international intrigue to be put out to pasture by two men who have nothing to do with me and my quests. sure, in time perhaps mccallister and hawke might have come into my sights, but the point remains; travis smith is the man who stands on the opposite side of this battle for me. and until i am able to put him away for good at international intrigue he will be the only person around me. just as i stand solitary on this street i stand solitary in the lockerroom. while others focus on the buzz and the rumors and the people they like to call their comrades, i stand alone. i stand focused."

{{cane begins to unwrap the bandages from his head and from his hands. we see some scarring on the forehead from where it hit the boiler.}}

the messenger

"but do not fret. soon international intrigue and travis smith will be behind me and my focus will change. i have never claimed to want the glory, the gold, or the accolades as my fellow wrestlers here do. i have never claimed that i will stand a top this federation holding some meaningless piece of scrap metal over my head for all to exalt me for. no. that is not my goal in life. my goal is to make sure that all those i come into contact with see the light. that they understand the error of their ways and they repent. not to some unforseen god or goddess. not to some archaic instrument of deception and destruction. but the true light of the world. the light from which we all gather our strength; and our weakness. travis smith will see the light at international intrigue. jason hawke and ace mccallister will see a brief flash of it on rapture. but when i am finished. when my job here in new era of wrestling is complete, you all will see and know and REVEL in the light. and we will all walk together. not for gold. not for glory. not for god. we will all walk together; for ourselves and for our compatriots who have not yet been enlightened. that is the goal. that is my quest. and rapture will be the beginning."

{{the scene begins to fade out as trevor cane drops his wrappings to the ground.}}

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