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Fed Participation


New member
Jan 1, 2000
Raton, NM
OK, I know this is responding in public to the e-mail Chad sent about what can be done to increase participation, but I think it's something everyone needs to see.

Don't worry...I'm not hear to air dirty laundry. :)

Seriously, what I think fed members need to ask themselves are the following:

1. What exactly is it that you are looking to get out of your characters? And I don't mean wins...I'm talking about character development, storylines, etc. And if you aren't sure what you want, have you tried contacting any of the creative staff to bounce back ideas, or perhaps other handlers to see if they might be interested in a feud or angle?

2. Are you the type of person that Scott Lumley described? If so, then maybe you shouldn't be a part of GXW. Remember, this is not about wins...it's about having fun and developing storylines. If you truly aren't having fun here, then you shouldn't be here.

3. Are you not sure if you have the time to be here? Or do you possibly feel burnout? If so, just talk to Chad and let him know...I know he'll be willing to give you time off if you think you need to recharge your batteries. There's no need to push yourself to RP if you are burned out...take a little time off, then when you feel ready to return, chances are your participation will increase.

I think if you answer these questions, you might be able to answer the question for yourself as to how your participation will increase, or whether or not you feel you should be here.

Keep in mind what Scott wrote...this isn't about wins and losses, it's all about the storylines. I'd say "lack of participation" may relate more to those people who just don't know of a storyline they want for their characters.

Or maybe we need to go about recruiting newbies...who knows. :)

Anyway...some of that is my two cents on increasing participation, and some of it is just food for thought for all you fine handlers out there. :)

Bob Morris
Handler of Marcus Johnson, Eric Edwards, Fast Lane, and The Air Waves

Mason and Tate

"Handler of Marcus Johnson, Eric Edwards, Fast Lane, and The Air Waves"

And anyone with that many characters would know about burnout :)

Bob's right, if you need time off, cool, but those of you who are just fishing around for ideas, the staff of the GXW is woring hard to get thins going... and if I can bring to slackers in and make an angle out of them right away, anyone can.


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