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Fed Rosters!


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Jun 18, 2004
Here's a running tally of each fed's roster:

Lazy Town Fighting Championship
Ulysis Solian, Michael Manson, Doc Silver, Superstar Vince Jacobs, Alias, Sean Edmunds, Max Hopper, Tyke, Midiot, Toxick Narcotic, Jean Rabesque, Copycat, Garbage Bag Johnny, Sylo, Pacothewetback, El Arco Iris, Frankie Scott, Mr. Cable Access Television, Alex Wylde, Captain Suleimon, Scotty Michaels, Lex Taylor, KRoW, Joey Baggadonuts

ZOMG! Wrestling
Dan Ryan, Eddie Mayfield, Mike Randalls, GUNS, Rob Sampson, Evan Aho, Kevin Powers, Gabriel Poe, The Flying Frenchie, Ric Chronos, Sonny Silver, Rook Black, Hoyt Williams, Brand Frontier, Prisoner 187, Psycho, Killean Sirrajin, Jake Hix, Danny Ferguson, Andy Sharp, eggNOG, cHEEESE, Max Danger, Coral Avalon

National Wrestling Association
Shane Southern, Felix Red, Eddy Love, Kodiak Vic Creed, High Flyer, Sean Stevens, Armando Montezuma, Bloodhunt, Frankie Fargo, Brandon Mueller, Jeff Garvin, August de la Rossi, The Codemaster, Rana Venenosa, Havoc, Tsunami, DC Stratton, The Highwayman, Junior Hornet, Tully Devotion

East Southwestern Finland Wrestling Collective
Troy Windham, Eli Flair, Big Dog, Tom Adler, John Miller, Mr. Amazing!, Erik Black, Ivan Dalekchev, Simon Wilcox, Michael Hardy, Steve Radder, Jason Payne, Karina Wolfenden, The Phantom Republican, Rich Rollins, WildStar, Foxx, Steve Watson, Simply Beautiful, Tony Gamble

Canadian Maximum Wrestling
The Spoiler, James Irish, Christian Sands, Boogie Smallz, Jericoholic Anonymous, Anarky, Mr. Hyde, Lady Rebellion, Mikey F'n W, Liquid Snake, Cross, Rocko Daymon, Troy Douglas, Nemesys (A1E), Canadian Luchador, Canadian Hitman, Pharaoh, Xavier Storm, John Walker, Mr. Incredible

Super Mega Hyper Ultra Fun Wrestling
Shawn Hart, Larry Tact, Scott Riktor, Ninja K, Maelstrom, Chris Storm, X, Fanatic, Proteus, Showtime, Karl Brown, Hellion, Dakota Smith, Nemesis (IWF), The Jobber, Dusty Thompson, Jesse Ramey, Jonathan Conspiracy

Brooklyn Street Wrestling Association
Mark Windham, Hornet, Deacon, Mark Vizzack, Jared Wells, Kin Hiroshi, Roderick McRatrick, Powermaster, Shane Weston, Tate Weston, Vladimir Vlachinko, Eric Davis, MWG, JJ Deville, Pariah, Lawrence Stanley, Dallas Winston, Aaron Douglas

MidWest Wrestling
Lindsay Troy, Beast, Richard Farnswirth, Professor Tremendous, Adam Benjamin, The First, Torment, Haven, Mango, Meatbag, Andy Gilkison, Steven Shane, BobbyR, Freakshow, Webweaver, Kanna Kirishima, Londonboy

Dan's Championship Wrestling
Joey Melton, Freakfish, Craig Miles, Maggot, Angelo Deville, Dr. Curiosity, Kyle Roberts, Bruce Richards, PILE, SweetJesusFunk, D!, Lowell Dot Com, The Canadian Loonie, Clinton Sage, Jay Phoenix, WhiteNoise, Timmy Windham, El Tremendo, The Great Yamada, Akira Otsuka

Total Sensational Action
Housefly, Hida Yakamo, Euclid, Ken Cloverleaf, IrishRed, Chip Friendly, Promo, AJ Cirrus, Max, Jecht, Slambo the Clown, Gladiator, Beau Michaels, Ice Tre, Mr. Entertainment, Ravager, Kazuo Shizaki, Jimmy Donovan

Federation of Afghani Grapplers
Yori Yakamo, Jr., Jason Snow, Nova, Jonathan Marx, Seymour Almasy, Chris McMillian, Chandler Tsonda, The Illustrious-Face Eater, Tim Martin, Liam Martin, Tchu, Cameron Cruise, Turk, Derecho, John Doe, Chaos, Steel Viper, Rik Ryconik
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