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Felix Red


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Boston and other places.

Name: Barry Schizoid
Email Address: barrythompson84@gmail.com
AIM/Yahoo Messenger: Ubberkid


Wrestler Name:

Felix Red

Height: 6’2

Weight: 223 lbs.

Hailing From: Nowhere, Massachusetts

Handedness: (Right or Left): Right.

Disposition: Heel (I guess).

Gimmick: rock star ninja space cadet Philosopher assassin.

Ring Attire: spandex pants with red, black, and white spiral patterns. Boots with a bar-code in an eyeball symbol on ‘em. Oooh, and he rocks a black denim jacket with various slogans written on the back on his way to the ring. Slogans such as “I AM A GOD” “DIE, DIE, DIE” “BEAT THE SH!T OUT OF ME” “I’M ON DRUGS” and other things like that.

Looks: Like Regi from Bloody Roar 4, ‘cept with long black hair (shaved his dreads in the off-season, hair grew back, not quite to its original length, but getting close.

Ring Entrance:

Spooky intro to “Vicarious” plays, while the fog machine turns on and soft purple and red lights glow up the ramp, slow motion footage of Felix doing crazy things plays on the screen thingy…until the first verse kicks in, lights blast back on, and Felix lurks out, walks down, taking in the experience, smirking maliciously. Eventually he slides into the ring, hops up on the second rope, raises the victory symbol, yells something, and sits on the top turnbuckle awaiting combat…

Theme Music: “Vicarious” by Tool.

Tactics/Style: High-Flyer/Brawler/lot of martial arts moves. Prolly a mix of RVD, Kidman, Hayabussa, and Tagiri.

5 Specialty Moves: Spinning Heel Kick, Moonsault into a DDT, springboard bicycle kick, Tornado DDT, twisting leg drop.

Finishers & Set-Up Moves:

Shattered Horizon = Swanton Bomb. Set up = Spinning Heel kick

Ecstasy of the Agony = Angle slam into a sit-out dominator. Set up = Whenever he’s behind a stunned opponent, really.

Death Posture = Regal Stretch. Set Up = Reverse leg-sweep.

Strengths: (3 strength marks see him as posessing)

Athleticism = Has multiple black belts, was almost a pro soccer player, and can pull off absolutely absurd moves. For example, his newest innovation is the Standing 450 Splash. He likes kicking people in the head. A lot.

Hardcore = He’s a seriously vicious, cold hearted son of a whore (literally). He will do horrible things to his opponents, often, for no reason. He can also absorb an impressive amount of abuse before caving in himself. So there’s, y’know, chairs and tables and things involved when he can get away with it.

Mind games ‘n **** = Sometimes, people don’t know what the **** he’s talking about. Appears to live off in his own little world, but has an unusual ability to drag others into it (See: Kin Hiroshi, Doc Silver, everybody who encountered Kooter Michaels-Cruise last season, ect). Is he really insane, or does he just want you to think that, as part of his master plan? Or, does Felix believe he’s faking, when in fact, he actually is insane? Did he used to be normal, but bought into his own hype and went crazy? I’d find out, but I don’t care.

Weaknessess: (See Above)

Spot Machine = Considered mediocre when it comes to mat technician type stuff.

alcoholic/drug addict = Not that he always wrestles F-ed up, but obviously the various abuses and indulgences his body endures take various tolls.

Moody Emo ***** = Aside from some of his more obvious psychological problems, has a bit of an inferiority complex, ‘cept when he feels not-so-inferior, his self-image swings all the way to the other polarity. So sometimes he thinks he’s a god, and other times he thinks he’s garbage. When he thinks he’s god he’s overall harder to beat, working harder and such, and when he thinks he’s human garbage he’s more apathetic. Maybe more dangerous, as he thinks he has nothing to lose ‘n all, but overall easier to beat.

In 100 words or less, please give a biographical profile of your character:

Following numerous failed gimmicks and forgettable runs in equally forgettable companies, Felix Red became a breakout star in WFW, when he turned on a bunch of faces to join Anarky’s Liars, Opressors, and Violence Experience (LOVE). Once WFW petered out, he arrived in NFW, and proceeded to act like a real jerk for months and months. He brought Beau Michaels’ miscarried son back to life, and stuffed him so full of synthetic hormones he became a giant, choke slam crazy monster named Kooter. He stole Doc Silver’s girlfriend (Ryoko Mikoto), and became NFW world champion, and he murdered Kin Hiroshi (Kin got better). Then he became suicidal, and Kin Hiroshi beat him for the belt. But Felix helped Kin beat the guy in the cat suit, so what was the deal with that? Since the end of the season, with his title and Ryoko both gone, he’s been on a drug and alcohol bender to put all his past drug and alcohol benders to shame. He’s under the misled impression he’s on a vision quest or something, asking the big questions. Are drugs, sex, and gratuitous violence really all that glamorous and awesome? Is a life dedicated to the self-indulgent pursuit of being perceived as important and cool a good life to live? Answer to the first question = Yes. Answer to the second question = No, but Felix doesn’t give a screw.

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