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Aug 26, 2008
Well... it might make the voting a little easier so I thought I'd put this together for everyone. Also help with your card bookings if you decide to do so.

Astral Wrestling Alliance (Nova, Hyperspace Kid)
"The Wolf" Mike Randalls
Lowell Dot Com
"Cocky" Craig Miles
Garbage Bag Johnny
"The Life of the Mind" Rook Black
Father Bruce Shanahan, aka Violence Jack
Curious Logic (Dr. Curiosity, Logic)
The Blue Rogues (Allan "The Codemaster" Speck, Coral Avalon)
"Gold Patron Meritorious" Xavier Kannon
"The Devil's Don" Angelo Deville
Kellen Kinkade
The Illustrious Face-Eater/Adam Dick
"Irish" Danny Ferguson
Sars the Clown/Calypso
"The Malice Man" Duke Williams

J.A.M.F. (TSiegel, The Dangle Bros.)
"Queen of the Ring" Lindsay Troy
"Hurricane" Eddy Love
"The Lost Soul" Mark Windham
Cardigo Mysterian
Jared "Daddy" Wells
Sensationally Perfect (Sensational Steven Shane, "The Perfect, Outsanding Superstar" Ken Cloverleaf)
The Powers of the Apocalypse ("Good God" Kevin Powers, Apocalypse)
"Daredevil" Mark Vizzack
Christian Sands
Mr. Entertainment
Black Devil Death Mastr
"Phenomenal" Frankie Scott

Porkchop Sandwiches Wrestling (J_A, Cheezburger Cat)
"The Ego Buster" Dan Ryan
"Total Elimination" Eli Flair
Joey Melton
"The Neighborhood Lunatic" High Flyer
The Spoiler
"The Muffin Man" Kin Hiroshi
"The Final Fantasy" Seymour Almasy
The Original Showstoppers ("The New American Stud" Brandon Mueller, "Fabulous" Frankie Fargo)
The All-Asian Alliance ("The Asian Wonder" Hida Yakamo, Yoshihiro Yamada)
Larry Tact
D! (One letter, said real loud)
Professor Tremendous
"The Underground Pimp" Tyler Rayne
Prisoner #187
"The Renegade" Rich Rollins

UWL:WCFW (WestPREZ, The Great Kabuki)
"The Epitomé" Troy Windham
Felix Red
"The Strongest Arms in the World" GUNS
"The Juggernaut" Kodiak Vic Creed
Evan Aho
"The Original" Jeff Garvin
"Mr. Magnificent" Tom Adler
The Hollywood Wrecking Crew (Blaine Hollywood, Malik Anderson)
"The Muppet Kid" Timmy Windham
The Showstoppers (Lincoln McKinley, Ryan Connors)
Theresa Quaranta
Castor Strife
Pat Black
Lord Collyer Pollard
The Mighty Impala

Ultra-Leftist Wrestling (The Great Eye, Whale Wars Capt.)
Joe the Plumber
"Triple X" Sean Stevens
Big Dog
"The God of War" Ares
Armando Montezuma
"The Fashion Plate" Marcus Price
Olvir Arsvinnar
The Armed Forces (Battleship, Submarine)
Sex and Violence (Brian Erikson, Kevin Koltrane)
Javid Dones
Alex Wylde
Steel Viper
"The Polish Prince" Rik Ryconik
"Marvelous" Mike ChainIrishRed
DJ Havok

Willow Palin Wrestling (LQJT86C, Willow Palin)
"The EAGLEStar" Nova
Shane Southern
Doc Silver
"The Anglo Luchador" Jericoholic Anonymous
Troy Douglas
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Saafir Muhammad, 187)
Rocko Daymon
Hellmachine (Calamity, "Big in Japan" Sean Toombs)
"The Iceman" Steve RadderWink Martendale
Winston Steele
Flic Rair
The First

Oliver Copp Championship Wrestling (fugginVOSS, TNM7)
Dos Equis
Shawn Jessica Bubbles Hart, PhD
Sonny Silver
"The Pulp Hero" Alias
Jason Snow
Steve KnoxMittens T. Cat
Legion of Dairy (cHEESE, eGGNOG)
The Winners of This Match (Mike Bear, The Flying Frenchie)
Max Danger
King Blueberry
"The Red Raver" Aimz
Dr. Sillaconne M. Plantes

Pro Wrestling ZOMBIE (CuseTroy, "Mitch")
Dennis Edward Mayfield
"The Mecca" Marcus Westcott/Beast
"The Inhuman Being" Tchu
"The Model Citizen" Chandler Tsonda
"The Crippler" Cameron Cruise
Crimson Calling/CHRONIC COLLIZION~! (Erik Black, Ivan Dalekchev)
New Day Rising (Tsunami, Wildstar)
"The White-Collar Assassin" Ravager
"Emo" Devin Shakur
"The Eternal Flame" Jay Phoenix/Ember
"The Bad Dog" Wade Elliot
"The One Man Mafia" Maggot
Andrew F'n Gilkison
James Irish

Jesus Fighting Championship (ShawnHartXXX, Chip Christ)
Michael Manson
"Superstar" Vince Jacobs
Yori Yakamo, Jr.
Ice Tre
Boogie Smallz
Suicide/"The Prodigal Son" Ulysis Solian
Richard Farnswirth
Best Friends (Chip Friendly, Slambo the Clown)
D-T (Showtime, Proteus)
The Boston Strangler
Kevin Kassidy KenwrightNinja K
Mercedes Devon
"Extremely Bisexual" Beau Michaels
Dam Skippy<!-- / message --><!-- sig -->

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