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Fire Marshal Shuts Down Tonight's Live Taping

Spike Saunders

Super Moderator
Oct 7, 2004
PROVIDENCE, RI - Due to an unfortunate accident at the Dunkin Donuts Center, NBW has cancelled tonight's Live taping of SLAM Sixty-Six in Providence. Hulu has announced that in its place they will be streaming this years fantastic 25 To Life event. The official web-site of the NBW will also be streaming the entirety of the Friday Night Pulse series in preparation for its restructured returns in a few weeks.

Further updates will be provided when they become available.
Full Story:
During a routine pre-show setup and test routine the Pyrotechnics display which serves as the show's opening each week, ignited the Dunk Donuts Center's roof and the NBW's EpiCenter. The fire quickly spread through the cables to the sound and pyrotechnics booths. The flames were put out swiftly however due to safety concerns the Fire Marshal, while in agreement with the Board and on-site General Manager Jack Harmen, shut down tonight's event.

Fans that bought tickets for SLAM Sixty-Six in Providence, RI may return them for a full refunds at the point of sale. They may also choose to hold onto their tickets until the next time NBW comes to Rhode Island where they will be once again honored.
At this time the live taping of SLAM Sixty-Seven at the Virgin Wireless Arena, in Manchester, New Hamsphire in two weeks remains scheduled.

-Gregory Smith
Providence Journal Staff Writer

Source: TheNBW.com / Providence Journal

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