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FIRST ROUND: Michael Thunder vs. Alicia Davis




---“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”---Thomas Edison

Opportunities are not always the things that are laid down at your feet just waiting for you to pick it up. Often times life’s biggest and best opportunities are the ones that take true sacrifice and require you to put in maximum effort.

Michael Thunder has been involved with professional wrestling since he was 13. Michael’s stepfather trained him and molded him into a successful independent wrestlers but now Michael looks to do more.

Having wrestle red for just over ten years now Michael is ready to take his career to the next step. Michael has worked his @ss off to get the opportunity to become a CSWA star and he will not let it slip away without a fight.

*** The scene open in front of an old run down brick building. The bricks have become weak and faded over the years. The camera pans around you are in the middle of this building’s parking lot. The pavement is losing a battle with Mother Nature as grass has over the years managed to work away at the pavement and is now peaking up in many different places.

Sun is unable to reach the building due to the number of trees that are holding back its rays. Some of the sun does manage to peak through but it seems as thought the grass is doing better against the pavement then the sun is doing against the trees.

The camera walks up to the old brick building. As you get closer to the building you see some letters over the faded and chipped blue double doors. Many of the letters have not been able to stand the test of time and have fallen from above the door and are now nowhere to be found.

As we stand and look up at the remaining letter we see what is left of the first word T_T_ _, C_ _ _ is all that remains of the second word the third word only has SCH_ _ L, the forth is completely gone all that is known is that it was just two letters long, and almost like magic the final word has managed to completely stand the test of time it reads WRESTLING.

After spending several seconds trying to figure out what the letters spell out the cameraman realizes that this is not Wheel Of Fortune and he can not buy a vowel so he opens one of the double doors.

The door makes a load shrieking sound that is magnified by a very load echo. If the cameraman was not here for work reasons he would most likely pull out some oil and lube up the hinges of the door just so that he does not have to subject himself to that horrid sound again.

Now inside the camera pans around, and the inside is in shambles. The paint is chipping off the walls, the ceiling is leaking, there are buckets scattered all over to floor to catch the water dripping from the ceiling, and there are holes in walls.

One thing stands out in this big open room. It is right in the center of the room and in perfect condition. It is a brand new wrestling ring. A man is sitting in the center of the ring, the hair that you can see is dark brown and is just barely long enough to reach the man’s eyes, he is wearing a pair of blue jeans and a black CSWA hooded sweatshirt, the hood is pulled up over his head.

The camera approaches the ring dodging puddles and buckets on the way. The camera goes up the ring steps and into the ring. Once inside we get the answer to the puzzle that was hanging over the front door. Written in the center of ring are the words TOTAL CHAOS SCHOOL OF WRESTLING.

The camera pans from the words in the center of the ring to the man. Noticing the presence of the camera the man raises his head and looks directly into it.***

M. Thunder: I know that very few people that will be watching this know who I am so I will make the introduction as quick and pain less as possible, I am Michael Thunder. As far as I am concerned that is all that any needs to know about me.

***Michael reaches up and pulls the hood back and off of his head as he looks around at the old run down building in which he sits.***

M. Thunder: This is where it all began for me. I can still remember the first day I cam e he and watched my father train young men to be wrestlers. From that day on I knew that I had found my calling and my one true love. I knew that the wrestling ring was were I belonged and on that very day I dedicated my life to the sport that I love.

For the last ten years I have dedicated my time to making a name for myself, I have worked to become one of the best wrestlers to ever enter these ropes. My father dedicated himself to helping me make my wrestling dreams come true, he spent countless hours helping me progress as a man and a professional wrestler.

My father gave me the best of himself and pushed me to limits that I could have never of imagined. The last years of my father’s life were spent on making me into something and not a single day goes by and I don’t think about what he has done for me and what I will in turn do for him.

The only thing that will be on my mind when I enter the ring and wrestle Alicia Davis will be all the sacrifices that have been made to get me here. The time that my father put in and the effort that I put in over the last ten years will be put to the test and I will make every second and every drop of sweat worth it.

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