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Flying Under the Radar

Peter Lenex

League Member
Jul 24, 2006
[The scene opens up in an empty arena. A ring is set up in the center, and it looks as though things are getting ready for some sort of event, the apron reading IWF: Final Showdown. Our target of interest is seen at the far end of the ring, sitting on the top turnbuckle in one of the corners. Moving closer, we can see that it is none other then the “God of War” Peter Lenex. He is wearing his usual blacks and trench coat, and is looking down at the mat.]

Peter Lenex: It’s amazing to think that so many inflated egos can reside in one area for one night. Its amazing to think that so many high-profile stars will clash in one match for the glory that everyone wishes to obtain. Thirty-some-odd people have entered, yet only one will walk away with all the marbles, while four other men will walk out with lesser then top honors. The rumors roll about Troy Windham, Dan Ryan, Eli Flair, Kin Hiroshi, Jay Smash, and Lawrence Stanley. People are talking about how many people could become an instant success, and how many people could become even more.

But nobody mentions Peter Lenex. Nobody mentions my name as a possible candidate. They look over me, as if I am nothing more then a stage hand there to make sure things run smoothly. But, I guess that is expected. I have never been a part of the CSWA, so I have yet to make history with any of the top draws. I have never met any of these men in the ring, so I have no knowledge of their abilities. I have never heard of these names, and neither have my close supporters. But will I let that hold me back?

No. I will persevere like I have done my entire career. Not to sound clichéd, but if I get knocked down, I will get right back up and continue to fight. I have never let numbers discourage me, and it will not start now. There may be five, seven, ten men in the same ring as me, but it won’t matter. They will all see the same side of Peter Lenex. They will all see my fierce brutality and they will all end up bowing down to my intensity within moments. They all hate to admit the slightest possibility of it, but eventually, they will all have no choice.

Eventually, they will be trapped inside a ring with me, with the only escape being an airlift over the top. The only way they will be able to survive is if I forget all about them…unfortunately, that is very unlikely.

[Lenex rings his hands as he looks up from the mat, his face covered by a large shadow.]

Peter Lenex: Many of you see me as that nobody who was a never was. You see the past that I have already expressed, and you laugh. You take my career as one big ****ing joke. To each their own. However, the feeling is mutual. All that you have done is a big ****ing joke to me, as well. How do I know it is credible? How do I know that it has anymore substance then my claims do?

I don’t. And, frankly, that is exactly how I expect you to react, as well. When you break this match down, it is not about who has the best credentials. It is about who boasts the better appearance at this Anniversary Pay-Per-View.

Tobias Stevens has never won a championship, but he stands a good as a chance as anyone to walk away as the Unified champion.

Troy Windham currently holds that title, but his luck could run out by the time this Gold Rush gets underway, and the real pressure begins to build.

Two ends of the spectrum. A champion, and a man still searching for gold, yet both have the same potential outcome. Both have that same ability to walk away as the Unified Champion.

My thought process has not changed. I WANT to walk away with that very honor. I WANT to become the top prize in the CSWA, a federation I had never heard of until a few weeks back. I feel that I have the desire and the heart to pull through, destroy all of the competition that stands in my way, and capture not only the Unified championship, but whatever other title happens to be placed within my outer ring.

Man like Joey Melton, Kevin Watson, Bobby Karma and Mike Small may be able to talk a big talk, but when it all comes down to it, they will probably be the first ones to go *** over tea-kettle and land on the outside looking up at their hopes. Current champions like JA, Jay Phoenix and Kin Hiroshi will be in just as much of a shock as to who they go up against. Who they will defend against.

Have enemies been made?

Possibly for some. Myself, not quite yet. Nerves have been irked, but other then that, nothing has developed to a full-fledged war. Nothing has made be want to murder somebody. Destroy, yes. Injure, yes. Torture, yes. But nothing outside the boundaries of legality.

[He pauses and looks around the dark and empty arena.]

Peter Lenex: My warm ups begin this weekend when the IWF hosts its Final Showdown Pay-Per-View. I will find the time during it to prepare for this Gold Rush so that I am not at a disadvantage. You thirty-something men need to realize that you can not overlook me. You can not simply cast me aside because my name and my look is generic because I can assure you that my rage is far from generic. I can guarantee you that someone inside of my outer ring will walk away with an injury.

Some people need weapons to do their dirty work.

[Lenex raises his hands to chest level, looking at them.]

Peter Lenex: I use my bare hands. Some people get by on their cunning ability to call upon friends and allies.

[Lenex lowers his hands and shakes his head.]

Peter Lenex: I walk alone. I learned from my past that you can never rely on an allegiance or a partnership to help you succeed. You need to flourish in your own light. You need to grow into the superstar you wish to become without being shrouded by another man.

My growth?

It all begins after I win the CSWA Unified Championship, and whatever other glories come before. Consider that you’re warning, Windham.

[Lenex remains seated as what little light is left is cut out completely, taking the scene with it.]

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