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FMLL I - El Hijo del Esperanzo, Aqua Caliente VS Rey Amante, Arcangel

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Jul 3, 1997
The Silk Road
Re: FMLL I - Santiago de Queretaro

(FADEIN: MEXICO CITY- Night time. Soot-faced children run past a fire in a barrel; low-ride vehicles drive past store fronts slow and suspiciously; angry screaming can be heard in the distance. The camera turns leftward to catch all of this before stopping and focusing on a masked man in a white long-sleeve underneath a ripped black t-shirt. His mask is gray with a black moth split on the front of it; stringy, greasy black hair sprouts from the top of the mask down to the man's mid-neck. In his right hand, he shuffles three dice; juggles them a bit and goes back to shuffling them. The man's name is ARCÁNGEL IV, and as the camera follows him walking the ghetto street, the sky opens up for a light rain shower)

ARCÁNGEL: Been waiting a long time now, hombre. LONG time. Sitting on the sidelines, hurt, broken, bruised, bleeding, whatever...I done it all, I been through it all, but da Angel is back, holmes. Finally got my shot, and the waiting es over. Time to fight, f*ck, and rip sh*t up. Do what I gotta do, you know what I mean? Good news for me...bad news for you, homie.

See, I like to hurt people. Yeeeah, been f*cking people up since I was 5, homie. Ain't nothin' gonna break me cause I been broken already...now I do the breaking. People's sh*t is gonna get all messed up puto, ALL messed up. Hijo and Aqua? You think you can f*ck wit da ángel?...in HIS ring...? Ain't no messengers from God here, puto, cuz I been sent from the Devil himself...BELIEVE THAT SH*T, puto.

You see how I'm livin', homie? Ain't none of you motherf*ckers tryin' on these streets. Livin' here is like rollin' dice...each ride might be your last. C-Lo ain't just a game to me, es a lifestyle...I live by the dice, die by 'em too.

F*ck livin' easy. Buncha mariconcitas wanna be legends and make money? I'll show you what my family does to legends...we squash 'em, f*ck 'em, eat 'em, and leave 'em dyin' in our bellies. I live like the moth on my face, only comin' out when es dark and hangin' around streetlights.

People is gonna get f*cked up, homie, cause I don't like none of you putos. Technicos come around my neighborhood to get their heads cracked and their jaws broke. And if I ain't scarin' you homie, just come out here and find me so I can put the fear of three generations in you.

Three generations of winning titles, crushing dreams, killing hopes, breaking bones. Ain't nothin' else to this life than that, right? I like to smell blood like you putos like to smell your wife and children on holidays. Love ain't an option for me, homie. Brutality, punishment, conquering like an Azteca...that's all I'm interested in.

Rey Amante...kiss your roserie and thank Jesus that he permitted the Devil's son to be your partner, 'cause I'm gonna show you how we do things in the barrio of Mexico City. I'm gonna show you how the dice is rolled...

And all the rest of you putos is gonna see how blood is drawn. Then you're gonna know what fear is, hombre, I promise...

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May 25, 2006
Detroit, Michigan
Re: FMLL I - Santiago de Queretaro

I took a back door here.

Fade in to the dark interior of a limosine, Rey Amante sitting in front of the far window, the dim lights of the night life somewhere in Mexico streaking across the background like lasers in a sci-fi movie.

Amante: Pick a place, it's not that hard. Pick any place where I could be right now. I'm not in the "barrio" so that should narrow it down a bit...

Believe it or not, I'm not a huge fan of Mexico. In fact, I hate it. I couldn't possibly think of a worse run Country if I tried. The only Country I could even possibly hate more, is Canada.

But that's a given. After all, I am a white man. A "crinko" as I believe they are called down here....

I'm sick of the double standard. I've been told a million things since I've been down here. "respect their customs" and "put on a mask" they say. The sad thing is, I actually DO have a mask on right now. Isn't that a shame? Do Americans ask these freaks to take their masks off when they wrestle there?

But I'll play by the rules. I'll play ball.

After all, it's all about getting ahead. It's all about the "W's" and "L's."

Which brings me to my match at FMLL I. I may be new to the business, and I may be an idiot when it comes to this stuff, but I have no clue who anyone in this match is. And that makes me angry.

I came here to make a name for myself. I'm certainly not here to put on a good match, or entertain the fans. I'm here to wrestle the best, beat the best, and watch my bank account grow.

As I said, that's what it's all about.

To my partner, the outspoken Arcangel IV, You tell me to thank Jesus?

I'm a former porn star. Jesus and me aren't exactly close buddies.

However, I respect you. You have a cute lil' attitude. Sure, your English is horrible, and you seem to have the education of a seven-year old, but really, it works for you.

You're a Rough And Tumble kid that grew up on the wrong streets, am I right? You're supposed to be scary, after all, you have nothing to hold you back, nothing to live for, everything to die for.

You're not the only one.

That's what I think will make us such a great team. We may as far away in terms of styles as possible, but hell, we have the same goal. To make it...

...or to die trying.

So don't confuse me with some pretty boy from the States trying to make a buck. Yes, I am amazingly good looking, and yes, it may seem at times that my mind is only on making money, but don't get me wrong.

I'm a fighter.

I'm here to be the greatest ever. I'm not here to get fans, or have great matches. I'm here to win everything, everywhere, everytime.

So we better win.

As for Mr. Caliente, Esperanzo, or whoever else steps into the ring with me, whether it be at FMLL I, or anywhere else, I plan on hurting you.

I plan on beating you.

I plan on eliminating you.

I'm the greatest physical specimen pro wrestling has ever seen. I'm motivated, and I don't see myself losing any time soon.

....and that's what it's all about.

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