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FMLL I - Lucha Triangular

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Jan 1, 2000
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Paying Respect

::panda Mask II is wearing an Armani suit in a Japanese cemetery, he walks up to a tombstone and puts flowers at the base as an offering::

PANDA MASK II: Misawa-san, I still cannot believe that you are gone. Mister Baba's hand picked successor to lead his company is dead less than ten years after he passed. He wouldn't have been happy with you abandoning All Japan to create your own company, but I think in time, he would have made peace with the decision because there is so much of the old All Japan within the spirit of NOAH and even though the name was different, you were keeping the memory of him and everyone who came through All Japan alive.

You died far too young. I had hoped you would live long enough to one day do old school comedy matches with Taue & Kobashi in the spirit of All Japan's or every so often working someone much younger and pulling out a surprisingly good match against them for a man your age. The world will never get to see that though and NOAH is left without its captain.

The mind was willing, but the body was weak. Even though your body was breaking down, you just couldn't go out there and give less than you had in you because of your work ethic. That is what made you the greatest wrestler alive in the nineties, having so many great matches that people will remember for decades to come, but it was also your downfall.

Was it all worth it? Would you do it all over again? I guess there is no answer to that question until that day comes, but I'm going to FMLL in Mexico to wrestle against the best of the best in hopes that one day I can return home with everything I've learned and become a legend like yourself. I'll never able to fill your shoes, but I want to carry on in spirit of those great ones whom have either retired or are unfortunately no longer with us.

It won't be an easy road, but I'm going to give it a 110%. I'm going to show them what the Japanese fighting spirit is all about. I'm going to make you proud Misawa-san, I promise.

::panda Mask II bows his head in respect, then he walks off::



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Mar 23, 2009
(Diego en Fuego steps up to a microphone. His eyes dart back and forth from underneath the mask.)

DIEGO: Hermanas y hermanos...

(CUTTO: All white crowd.)

DIEGO: Hola! Mi llamo es Diego...Diego en Fuego!

(SFX: Crickets!)
(CUTTO: Diego glances behind him and to the right, locking eyes with short, pudgy man wearing a pair of Coke-bottle glasses. He shrugs. Diego pinches the bridge of his nose. He shakes his head and turns back to the suddenly hostile y confused crowd.)

DIEGO: My bad, y'all. I got some whack stats form the man in the back. He said y'all would looooooove the authentic language of my people. But really...who wants to listen to some guy, standing up here, and brag about being fluent in three languages - yeah, three! Ebonics counts - [/question] ?

Not me, no way. No mas, I say! Shall we get down to business? Truth be told, I have a big time gig coming up. I don't want to dive into details but...it's for the FMLL.

(SFX: Crickets.)
(CUTTO: Crickets, eating popcorn, and laughing at Diego en Fuego.)

DIEGO: Come on, you serious? You didn't hear? The finest luchadores from around the world are coming together to prove once and for all...who is the greatest? Which brings me to why I'm here...

(SFX: Studio laughter! hahahahahahahaaaaaa)
(CUTTO: All white crowd...with crickets eating popcorn and laughing at Diego en Fuego.)

DIEGO: The answer?

(CUTTO: Coy, sexy grin from underneath Diego en Fuego's mask. He props his fist under his chin.)

DIEGO: Watch FMLL Uno. Watch el Lucha Triangular. Watch me...become campion! That's how I roll! Now... can anyone validate my parking, por favor?

(CUTTO: All cricket crowd, laughing at popcorn, and eating the white people. Diego walks from the podeum, through the curtains, and jerks them open. He finds the pudgy man holding a trash can over his head in hopes of not being spotted. Diego en Fuego quickly grabs it and launches it into orbit at first sight.)

PUDGITO: (el sigh) Dios mi.

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