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FMLL Profile Thread I


The Phenom
Jan 1, 2000
Salt Lake City, UT
Title says it all. For those on the current roster and prospective luchadores alike. If you are the latter, keep in mind that your character doesn't HAVE to be masked or Mexican (though it definitely wouldn't hurt if they were.) At any rate, here's what I need --

Entrance Theme:
(Tecnico or Rudo)

Description: (A brief history/overview of the character.)
Moveset: (At least ten moves/holds.)

Any other information you're willing to submit would be welcomed as well. I'll be posting new profile threads periodically to keep up with updates/roster changes. Now get to it!


The Phenom
Jan 1, 2000
Salt Lake City, UT


Nombre: El Segundo
Estatura: 5'11"
Peso: 221 lbs.
Lugar de Nacimiento: Unknown
Tema de Entrada: "We Like to Party" by the Vengaboys
Estilo: Rudo (Heel)

Descripción: Shrouded by a silver mask marked with the Roman numeral 'II', El Segundo is a semi-insane luchador who, at one time, prided himself upon and was OBSESSED with being second best. As long as he gave it a good college try, winning was never important. However, after years of coming up just short of the glory, El Segundo blew a gasket, and reemerged as a (not so) bad-ass rudo out for blood!

Not much is known about who he really is or where he came from, though it's been rumored he once made a living as a carnival ride operator somewhere in the Southwestern U.S. He is known throughout the Mexican indy circuit for his Shatner-esque manner of speech.

Equipo de Técnicas:
German Suplex
Inverted Atomic Drop
Double Arm DDT
Hanging Vertical Suplex
Quebradora (Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker)
Missile Dropkick
Plancha (Splash/Cross Body Block)
Flying Elbow
Mortal (Moonsault)
Fául (The INFAMOUS Low Blow!)

Llave: Bofetada Plateada (literally the Silver Smack: a Diamond Cutter.)

Handler Info--
Name: Ryan Aston
AIM: Phenom415


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA
Panda Mask II

Name: Panda Mask II
Height: 5'8
Weight: 195 pounds
Hometown: Osaka, Japan
Entrance Theme: I' Am [by Hitomi]
Alignment: Technico

Description: (A brief history/overview of the character.)

1. Bamboo Crunch (Fujiwara armbar)
2. Bamboo Spears (Shotei Thrust - Thrust palm strike)
3. Double Underhook Backbreaker, 4. Tapatía Paseada (rolling Romero Special)
5. German Suplex
7. Space Flying Panda Drop (Cartwheel plancha)
8. Dropkick to the back
9. Surfboard
10. Thunder Fire Powerbomb

Finisher: Panda Diplomacy (Quebradora Lagunera - double underhook backbreaker submission)

Bio: Trained by the original Panda Mask and has worked both in Japan & Mexico honing his skills
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League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Amsterdam, NY
El Hijo del Esperanzo

Name: El Hijo del Esperanzo
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 174 lbs
Hometown: Naucalpan, Mexico
Entrance Theme: "Cancion del Mariachi" Los Lobos
Alignment: Tecnico

Description: The son of lucha libre legend "El Esperanzo", this 19-year-old up-and-comer has trained under his father since he was 12. A fiery, exciting and innovative high flyer, his only goal is to live up to the legendary legacy his father carved out over a 20-plus year career that ended several years ago due to injury.

His mask and tights are a riff on his father's trademark green and white color scheme, though the son has opted for a more metallic look. His mask is half metallic green and half metallic white, and his long tights are metallic green with a white lightning bolt streaking down the outside of each leg.

Arm Drag
Quebrada (springboard moonsault)
Flying Leg Lariat
Flying Cross Armbreaker
Wheelbarrow Ace Crusher
Back Superplex
Senton Backsplash
Split-Legged Twisting Moonsault
Tope Atomico

1. Esperanzo Especial (The submission hold perfected by his father, an over-the-shoulder single leg Boston Crab. Also known as the Stretch Muffler in the US.)

2. El Hijo También Sube ("The Son Also Rises", a step-up reverse huracanrana. Can be done from the top rope.)

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
Name: Jeff Davis
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 258 pounds
Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
Theme: "Don't Tread On Me" Metallica
Alignment: Rudo, but he'd never want to be called by this 'mexican' label.

Entrance/Ring Gear: Davis walks to the ring carrying an American flag and a "Don't Tread On Me" snake flag that are next to each other, the way Tito Ortiz would carry the American and Mexican flags with him to the ring in the UFC. Davis wears black trunks with black elbow and knee pads and black ring boots. He will power walk to the ring and ignore the crowd, before hitting the ring and standing on the second rope, holding the flags aloft to get some heat.

Description: Jeff Davis was a man who had his world shattered on 9/11. He spent the next few years drifting from job to job generally being a screw-up. Worked in a office to re-elect George W. Bush in 2004 out of a sense of anger and hatred at all things Muslim. By happenstance he entered a used car dealership in the Richmond area sometime in late 2006 and ran into it's owner Richard "Bloodhunt" Garfield, who found Davis to be a kindred spirit. Garfield then began the process of poisoning Davis' mind with conspiracy theories big and small. In 2008 Davis campaigned fanatically for John McCain, out of the dread fear that Barack Obama's election would lead to all guns being taken away from law abiding Americans and the beginning of a socalist Islamic caliphate. Obama's victory has only further driven Davis over the edge, there isn't a conspiracy theory or idea that is out there that Davis won't swallow whole. He joined the "Minutemen" to keep illegals out, but has given up on that to enter FMLL to crush Lucha and disgrace the proud masked warriors of mexican tradition.

He fully believes things such as...

Obama was born in Kenya and is not legally allowed to be President.

That NAFTA will lead to America becoming part of a 'North American Republic" with Canada and Mexico.

That 9/11 was committed by Mossad, since no Jews were killed on 9/11, and that Israel has tricked the US into doing it's dirty work in Iraq. Yet he still wants us to nuke Iraq and Iran into the stone age, internal logic doesn't play here.

Oh, and Garfield got him good about Kennedy...But he blames the Cubans for it, pro or anti-Castro depending on the day you catch him.

Pretty much anything that lets him throw around his smaller opponents.

1. Running Powerslam
2. Press slam
3. Power bomb
4. Big boot
5. Fallaway Slam
6. Clothesline
7. Spinebuster
8. Overhead Belly to Belly suplex
9. Delayed Vertical Suplex
10. Impaler DDT

Finisher- Conspiracy Theory- Fisherman's Suplex into a swinging neckbreaker with a cradle for a pin. It's Daffney's finisher in TNA.


Secondary Finisher- Headshot, a tribute to Bloodhunt, a Death Valley Driver, only unlike Cena's lazy version of it, Davis goes to the mat with his opponent.


Jan 1, 2000
(Just sending profiles now. I'll sent the move lists in a little bit. I'm doing lucha research to make them accurate for the style.)
LAS TRES ESTRELLAS DE GALAXICO (The Three Stars of the Galaxy)

Las Tres Estrellas are a premier Technicos stable in Mexico. They are wildly popular amongst fans; young fans look up to them for the good example they set, old fans respect them for their family lineage.

El Hijo del Rey
6'2" 225 lbs.
Black mask with gold star over the right eye.
Mexico City

BIO: The son of "El Rey," or "The King." A generation ago, El Rey was one of the biggest lucha stars in history. On top of being a champion all over the country, he was also a movie star and comic book hero. He frequently met with Mexican government officials. When he died, a public funeral was held at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City. Over 100,000 visited his casket, where he was buried in his black mask with yellow star over the eye.

His son has decided to take on the family mantle. He's entering fifth year as a pro wrestler. Like his father, he believes in using his fame as a wrestler to promote justice and what is right. He has been hailed as a hero in Mexico and He, too, has appeared on the cover of comic books and the like.

He is not the flashiest luchador. However, he is known for his physical grace and his ring I.Q. He is constantly in control of his emotions and is a natural born leader.

6'4' 245
Tall buy with a well-built slender frame. Has a black mullet to his back with gold streaks on each side.
Laredo, Texas

BIO: If El Rey was the most popular star of his generation, then Jose Luis Correjo was a close second. Jose Luis and El Rey frequently tagged together in matches and were the best of friends -- Jose Luis is El Hijo de Rey's godfather and spoke at El Rey's funeral.

Carlos is Jose Luis' oldest son. He has been wrestling for four years. He is technically proficient while also having the ability to fly through the air -- on top of his tenure in Mexico, he has wrestled in Japanese promotions. He, too, has a tremendous wrestling I.Q. However, unlike El Hijo de Rey, he is known for his hot temper that can quickly get the best of him.

5'6" 175
Mask: A silver mask with a black rook over the face. Wears a similar cape to the ring. His trunks have the same pattern.

BIO: A rookie sensation quickly taken under the wing of El Hijo de Rey and Carlos. Checkmate is a prodigy at both pro wrestling and at the game of chess -- it's said that he is a grandmaster, but that is not confirmed.

Checkmate has blinding speed and a flair for the dramatic. He seemingly can make up moves on the spot. Any move an opponent tries to use on him he has a myriad of counters for. His small size allows for him to escape from any situation.

His inexperience and his need to use a high-risk offense do get the best of him, however.

2'7 95 pounds.

Perrito, or Small Dog, is the mini/mascot of LAS TRES ESTRELLAS. He has accompanied El Hijo de Rey and Carlos since they've entered the sport. He has a Snoopy mask on with a jumpsuit that makes him look like a Dalmation. Children love him. He frequently leads the crowds in cheers for his friends. However, when he sees a rudo committing a foul, he does get upset and has been known to try to protect his friends.


Where's my money, Chad?
Jul 3, 1997
The Silk Road
Name: Arcángel IV
Height: 5'10
Weight: 215
Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico
Entrance Theme: "Again We Rise" by Lamb of God http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yILFCO9ZLBE&feature=related
Alignment: Rudo

Description: Blood legacy of the famous Arcángel trio, starting with his grandfather I, his father II, and his uncle III. All have been Rudos and IV is no different, possibly the deadliest of them all. He's just a scummy, dirty, lives-in-the-barrio-and-proud kinda guy. Always carrying three dice with him for luck and for random games of C-Lo, Arcángel IV is a bad motherf*cker. As for his looks, he's got long greasy wet black hair down to his neck, sprouting over the mask he wears at all times. His mask is gray with a big black moth on the front, which is also split in half onto both sides of his face, from the top of his head to the bottom of his chin. He wrestles in long gray spandex tights, boots, and spandex sleeveless top...all with random black splotches dotted here and there. He has sleeve tattoos on both arms, mainly of dead Aztec warriors holding weapons, dragons, things like that.

Moveset: (At least ten moves/holds.) Tarantula, Springboard Corkscrew, Rope Run Tornado DDT, Moonsault (high spot is moonsault to the outside of the ring), Double Underhook Facebuster, Cradle Piledriver, Full Nelson Suplex, Senton Bomb, Brainbuster, Spinning elbow to the face, Jumping Front Kick to the Face, Flying Legdrop, Shining Wizard, Cloverleaf, Camel Clutch.

Finisher: The Angelkiller (Crucifix Liger Bomb; i.e. Razor's Edge into a Liger Bomb)


League Member
May 21, 2008
Inland Empire, Southern California
Name: Aqua Caliente
Real Name: Unrevealed

Name History: Cazador de Tornado (2005 – 2009)
Aqua Caliente (2009 - )

Family: Sol Rojo Brillante (Father) Hombre de Hielo (brother)
La Luna Mistica (Sister)

Maestro(s): Sol Rojo Brillante, El Toro Negro

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 177

Birthdate: September 16, 1979

Debut Date: October 1, 2005 vs. El Toro Negro (Rosarita Coliseo - Rosarita)

Hometown: Rosarita, Mexico

Entrance Theme: “Let’s Get It Started” – Black Eyed Peas
(All good Lucha followers know that the top stars come out to either American Style or Mariachi music)

Alignment: Tecnico

Description: Aqua Caliente, formerly known as Cazador de Tornado (Tornado Hunter) is a young legend to the Rosarita abanicos (fans), a wrestler with hometown experience and capable of many great matches. AC is one of the most popular wrestlers in Mexico, but an iconic figure in the home area that he grew up and has spent most of his wrestling career in. Caliente had been wrestling with his father, brother and sister as a family group with the drawing power on the level as the Von Erichs and Harts.
AC’s father, Sol Rojo Brillante formed Lucha Libre Rosarita (LLR) with his childhood friend and usual rudo opponent, El Toro Negro in 2004. Within the first year of business, Brillante and Negro had trained the two brothers, their sister as well as Negro’s son (Hombre Azul) and three other future stars. Moving the new luchadors into action, boosted the appeal of LLR and made it a popular attraction in Rosarita and it’s close outlying areas.
AC’s popularity grew because of his effort within the company. He triumphed in big matches as he defeated rudos such as Martillo de Truenos, Pie de Oro and most of all, Hombre Azul, one of his eternal rivals (son of El Toro Negro), a few times over the years in bloody bouts that also lead to a final mask vs. mask cage match. The match so was huge that local businesses closed down for the evening so that workers could attend the final match.
In November of 2008, the patriarch of the family, Sol Rojo Brillante passed away of a heart attack in his home. The children took over as owners of the company. Within the last three months, Hielo and Mistica have forced Negro out as co-owner as well as forced him out of the Rosarita area while allowing Azul to stay. Instead of siding with his siblings, Cazador sided with Negro faulting his brother and sister with wrong political views of their elders. At the time, Cazador who was champion and by far the money maker and most popular in the company. But, Hielo instead turned rudo in an angle and took the title off of his brother and put the strap on himself and formed “La Alianza de Hombre” with Hombre Azul. In the first few months of 2009, Cazador’s brother had squashed the technico and taken any way to force him out of the promotion. Cazador left LLR before Hielo could take his mask as well.
Since the forcing out of the luchador in April of 2009, Cazador dropped the masked Hunter of Tornado gimmick and has adopted the new gimmick he has now. AC had been working as a free agent in the local circuits of Laguna and Jalisco, and in nearby states like Nuevo León and Tamaulipas until the new highly touted promotion of Federación Mundial de Lucha Libre signed the talented luchador to a contract in June 2009.

Titles Held: LLR Rosarita Trios Titles (w/Sol Rojo Brillante & Hombre de Hielo)
(Held three straight years until Brillante's death)
LLR Rosarita Mixed Tag Titles 3X (w/La Luna Mistica)
LLR Rosarita Tag Titles 5x (w/Hombre de Hielo)
LLR Rosarita Heavyweight Title 2x
Southern Mexico Light Heavyweight Title

Moveset: Flying Elbow Drop
Springboard Moonsault Plancha
Niagra Driver
Wheelbarrow Suplex
La Mistica (Tornado Armbar)
Gory Driver (Sitout Widow’s Peak)
Springboard Leg Drop
La Mecedora (Rocking Chair Submission)
Flying Senton
Springboard Twisting Plancha
Samurai Bomb
Wagner Driver

Finisher(s): 1st: Punto de Ebullición (Boiling Point) -- Double Underhook Sitout Facebuster

2nd: El Fin del Mundo (The End of the World)— Double Arm Martinete (Piledriver)
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League Member
May 25, 2006
Detroit, Michigan
Name: "El Presidente en los Pantalones" Rey Amante
Real Name: Roy Boykins
Height: 6 ft 2 in
Weight: 230 lbs
Hometown: Hollywood, California
Entrance Theme: "STROKIN'!" by Clarence Carter
Alignment: Rudo

Description (kayfabe background): After an unsuccessful bid in movies, Roy Boykins was discovered by fledgeling pornography directer Log Bottoms. Bottoms took young Boykins under his wing, giving him the inside track to the Adult Film Industry. While working for Bottoms, Boykins is rumored to have made several adult films before Bottoms went bankrupt, and Boykins was left without a home. With nothing to turn to, blacklisted from the porn world, Boykins traveled to Cancun, Mexico, hoping to start a bar, and take advantage of the party society. Boykins attempts at rebuilding his life went awry when his bar was infiltrated by rival business men who didn't like Boykin's good looks, charm, and prime location.

The businessmen burned down his bar, leaving it in ashes. After seeing the devestation, Boykins confronted the men in their own establishment. After a few heated words, Boykins attacked the men, a group of five. After what was described as a legendary battle, Boykins left the men bleeding, and crying for their padres.

This would soon be known as a turning point in his life, as in the bar that day, watching the events, was legendary American pro wrestling jobber Rob Franklin. Franklin saw promise in Boykins, and decided to put his hefty bank account behind his transition into lucha libre. After weeks of intense training, Boykins was deemed ready, and given the name "Rey Amante" or "King Lover" He was given a mask to hide his identity from his enemies, and Rob sent his application into FMLL
Vertical suplex
german suplex
northern lights suplex
jackknife powerbomb
springboard DDT
brainbuster DDT
hip-toss into backbreaker
ankle lock
guillotine choke
half boston crab
top rope splash
springboard torpedo (spinning) flying forearm

El Deathmaker (god this is going ot be hard to explain) Amante puts opponent in dragon sleeper, lifts him up slightly by his neck, his legs bend at the knees, and Amante drops down. Think Victoria's "Widow's Peak" only frontwards, and with a dragon sleeper.

Any other information you're willing to submit would be welcomed as well. I'll be posting new profile threads periodically to keep up with updates/roster changes. Now get to it!

El Presidente en los Pantalones: Means "The President in the Pants"


League Member
Mar 23, 2009
Name: Diego en Fuego
Real Name: Unrevealed
Height: 6'0
Weight: 218 lbs.
Hometown: Santa Cruz, California
Entrance Theme:
"Gasolina" by Daddy Yankee
Alignment: Tecnico

Description: This American'born lucha-dios brings the hip, happenin' American swagger to the FMLL for his shot at glory. His Latin roots make it easy for people to buy his Mexicano act. He has medium-long, greasy black hair that comes through the opening on the top of his mask. The mask is black with orange, red, and yellow coming together along the chinstrap to create a flame that wraps around like a beard. He is athletic and has a tattoo of a black flame shooting up his left forearm.

Wears a pair of black wrestling tights with letters in flame-font reading 'DIEGO' down his left leg and 'en FUEGO' down the right. The oots are all red with yellow soles. He wears white wrist tape and black elbow pads as well.
Running-spinning heel kick
Tornado DDT
Tornado DDT off third rope
Springboard Plancha
Springboard Body Press
Flying Head Scissors
Head-scissors-into DDT
Sit-out Powerbomb
Tiger Suplex
Moonsault (and w/ Plancha)

Finisher: Big Move (T-Bone DDT w/ pin)


Jan 10, 2004
New York

Moveset coming soon.

Name: Fanatic
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 222lbs.
Hometown: The Land of Fanatics or, "The Land" for short
Entrance Theme: "Fourth Legacy" by Kamelot
Alignment: Rudo

Description: Nobody knows much about Fanatic's origins, but there have been rumors over the years. The Land of Fanatics is supposedly some sort of obscure secret society, although those within it are unknown.

Fanatic is a man with a warrior's fighting spirit, but exiled from the Land. He has always gathered a cult following wherever he pops up, and is considered the closest thing to a real life superhero. He is also referred to as the "elite enigma."

In the ring, he has always put on performances that include high risks and a stellar aerial attack, both in and out of the ring. Sometimes those risks inevitably cost him, but he is fearless in pursuit of such thrills. The fans who follow him love him for it.

His attitude is one of a dying breed in wrestling: Fanatic believes there is still value in honor, respect, and fair play. This has earned him the tag of, "a hero in every sense of the word" by his fans, and even a few among his peers.


Finisher: 'The Craze'- top rope corkscrew moonsault


The REAL Funk U. T-shirt
Aug 26, 2008


Name: Kid Koala
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 230 pounds
Hometown: the Outback, Australia
Entrance Theme: "Girls, boys and Marsupials" by the Wombats
Alignment: Tecnico

Description: Kid Koala is what many might deem a "stoner" type character as such. He's very relaxed, possibly TOO relaxed and doesn't seem to have a care in the world. He likes lounging around and just chillin' out but then when he gets into the ring... he's probably one of THE MOST athletic luchadore style wrestlers that has ever been seen. Despite the pot belly he carries around on his body, he is extremely strong and athletic for his size.
- Corkscrew moonsault
- Corkscrew plancha
- Jumping cutter
- Dropkick
- Kneeling powerbomb
- Moonsault
- Rocking horse
- 450° Splash
- guillotina suicida
- Moonsault slam
- Diving somersault stunner
- Corkscrew senton
- Shooting star press
- Rana
- Somersault plancha over a turnbuckle to the outside
- Springboard arm drag
- Running corkscrew slingshot crossbody
Finisher: Dropbear: a somersault cannonball from the top rope onto opponent's belly (lands in a modified seated senton).


Name: Kid Nah
248 lbs
Hometown: the Outback, Australia
Entrance Theme:
"Girls, boys and Marsupials" by the Wombats
Alignment: Rudo (yet Tecnico by association with Kid Koala & Kanga Roo)

Description: Kid Nah is an indigenous Aboriginal luchadore who is bitter with all of society. He brings his bitterness across to wrestling and whilst Kid Koala and Kanga Roo attempt to ensure that his surliness is kept in check, whilst trying to teach him right from wrong, they are not always able to do so. He is prone to breaking lucha rules by going too far with everything and often gets the Marsupials of Mayhem disqualified. He is prone to suspension (which often puts Kid Koala on the sidelines, too).
- Over the shoulder single leg Boston crab with headscissors
- Moonsault fallaway slam
- Rope aided corner dropkick
- Moonsault
- Inverted superplex
- Tiger feint kick
- Arm wrench inside cradle
- Cross armbar
- Fujiwara armbar
- Hurricanrana
- La Reinera
- Sitout Death Valley driver
- Standing or a running arched big boot
Finisher: QuillKill: Diving corkscrew elbow drop


Name: Kanga Roo
Height: 4'1"
Weight: 95 lbs
Hometown: the Outback, Australia
Entrance Theme:"Girls, boys and Marsupials" by the Wombats
Alignment: Tecnico

Description: Kanga Roo is best friends with Kid Koala. Often speaking in random ramblings he is mostly there purely for Koala's entertainment. Over the years, he has picked up some wrestling moves when Koala has been bothered to show him.
- hurracarana
- spinning head scissors
- asai moonsault
- plancha suicida
- gorilla press slam (probably only on other midgets)
- la Magistral
- senton
- jumping jawbreaker (jumps around like a kangaroo, with hands out as paws, and leaps driving the top of his head into opponent's chin)
Finisher:BOING~!: a double foot stomp onto the opponent's chest from the top rope


Name: Rainbow Serpent
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 197 lbs
Hometown: the Outback, Australia
Entrance Theme:"Girls, boys and Marsupials" by the Wombats
Alignment: Tecnico

Description: Rainbow Serpent is another indigenous wrestler who relies on his gymnastic background to make him a slippery and agile customer within the ring. He is the exact opposite to Kid Nah and often gets angry with Kid Nah's approach to life and representation of the Aboriginal people. He's softly spoken except for when his ideologies are challenged. More often than not he's direct and to the point.
- Sitout scoop slam piledriver
- Arm wrench inside cradle
- Elevated cutter
- Figure four leglock
- La Escalera (Grounded octopus stretch)
- Lariat
- Senton
- Sitout crucifix powerbomb, sometimes from the second rope
- Surfboard
- Splash
Finisher: Reticulation: chickenwing armlock​

- Rainbow Serpent is a back-up for Kid Koala or singles competitor. He will compete in Trios matches (that don't require a midget)
- Kid Nah is REALLY that angry and can cause issues for Kid Koala's success
- the dynamic is that Kid Koala is trying to teach Kid Nah how to chill out > Kanga Roo is comic entertainment for Kid Koala > Rainbow Serpent despises Kid Nah's attitude > Kid Nah secretly looks up to Rainbow Serpent
- if possible, they will all go to the ring together for a tag match
- Rainbow Serpent refuses to let the others come down to the ring during his singles bouts
Tag Primary Kid Koala & Kid Nah
Tag Secondary Kid Koala & Rainbow Serpent
Tag RARELY Kid Nah & Rainbow Serpent NOTE! if this team has to go to the ring they'll be extremely volatile together if Kid Nah looks like he's breaking rules - Rainbow Serpent won't tolerate and will continually throw him out of the ring each time he is a "Rudo" making himself legal

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