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For the Revolution


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Feb 22, 2015
“Battlemania, an interesting concept to say the least, gathering thirty of the best from around the world to compete in one match. A multitude of nationalities, federations, skill levels and accomplishments, yet today I stand here knowing that I am one of those names on the list, one of the names aiming to prove that I am the best wrestler in the world today. Some of these names I know, some I do not, but that does not matter to me, the sign of a great wrestler is one who can step into any challenge and be ready to take one everything that is thrown their way. This time I get to prove what I said all alone. I know I may not win this match, but I will prove once and for all that I am one of the best in the world today.”

The night sky is clear, clear enough to see each and every star twinkling visible to every eye that looks. Danny B stands upon hallowed ground, the ever cliché setting of a graveyard, but there was a reason he would stand here this evening. A little over six months ago, The Ripper would lose someone close to him, his mentor, his best friend, and his greatest rival. This man was known as Anubis, a seven foot, three hundred pound magnificent monster that was considered one of the true greats of the ring. Anubis had aged, and eventually had lost the ultimate battle, the one he couldn’t fight any longer, the one to cancer.

“I haven’t been here since the day he was buried, buried in the very spot he passed away last August. I stand here because he would have loved to have seen this, he would have loved for his student to be looked at as one of only thirty with an opportunity to show that they can hang with the best. I wish he could be here, but alas. That is not the case.”

Danny turned his back on the grave, there was no flowers, although a number of ceramic ornaments adorned the site. It goes without saying the spot was large, after all, men of this size were not often buried due to their size, but Ripper made sure that it happened, that he would have an eternal resting place. He looked down the grassland, at the varying quality of the graves around him. This ground had stood hallowed for a long time now, some of these souls had been entombed for over one hundred years now. Some were adorned with large marble statues, some with granite headstones, some with nothing more than a stone slab covered somewhat with the grass. The Ripper pulled a cigarette packet out of his suit jacket pocket, he placed it between his lips, lighting it with a black-cased Zippo lighter.

“I have seen many changes over the years, from a young upstart who believed he was supernatural, to an arrogant champion who had the world as his feet. I have gone through mental breakdowns, physical changes, marriage, children and business. Everything I have gone through has toughened me up for what I face now. Everything I have learned competing against the best that CWF, GWR, OCW and Boardwalk have to offer, again, as I have said, some of these people are competing in this match. Legends from Boardwalk like Amp and Morag, compete alongside two of OCW’s best in MJ Bell and Ian Bishop, and I know that Amber Ryan, my tag team partner and great enemy is competing too, representing my own brand.”

Danny begins to walk away from the grave of his fallen mentor, finding his way to a path and heading down towards an exit. A quiet zephyr whips through the air, caressing its way around the lean form of Danny B. His slicked back hair moving somewhat with the aid of the wind, his open jacket flaps backwards to reveal a silken black shirt underneath. Upon his hands are two golden rings, one each to signify his hall of fame entries, both of which were made up by himself, considering the Presidents of both companies were MIA when he was inducted. Danny looks down at the gold as he takes a puff on his cigarette.
“These are important to me, they help to signify what I have accomplished in the ring. But right now, they mean nothing in this upcoming contest. Being the best in these companies means everything to me, but to others, ones that have never heard my name, never seen my work, these mean nothing. The companies I mentioned before may mean something to some, they mean nothing to others, which is the nature of this competition.”

Danny stops talking as he passes a group bent over a gravestone. This is when we come to realise that this is in fact a Jewish cemetery. Not somewhere Danny would usually visit, but exceptions could be made for those that matter most. Danny makes sure he is out of sight before he continues speaking to himself. The moon becomes visible as it escapes from behind the shadow of a large oak tree. It illuminates the pale face of The Ripper, making his sunken features look even more ghostly.

“If nothing else, the loss of this man allowed me to put some things in perspective. Before I lost him I was concerned with only being the best in the ring, I was concerned with making money and backing up my words. There was no real purpose to what I did, I was happy to be flying around the world, competing across the globe and not giving a rat’s ass about what was going on at home. Losing him changed that, and changed it for the better. Yes, I moved to Atlantic City for a while, but that didn’t really work out anyway, but my main focus was to stop achieving as a competitor, and start achieving as a business man, a husband and a father. Of course, this didn’t stop me from still trying to be the best, but I am happy with what I have achieved.”

Danny rounds a corner, and the exit gate comes into view. He continues on his path, never breaking step, never losing his pace. The night was still young, despite being pitch black in the sky. The cold winter night was starting to give way to a warmer spring evening, The Ripper couldn’t complain, it meant that he didn’t have to place a large coat over his suit. There was a time where you would never catch this man in as much as a pair of leather shoes, never mind an expensive suit, but in becoming a business man, there was a need to present oneself in a new manner, each and every moment one would leave the house. The exit gate was coming in ever closer, the wrought iron decorations shining beautifully off the painted metal. In times gone past, there would have been no need to pay attention to anything going on around him, partially because over the years this man had accumulated a few enemies, but also because as he aged, he began to appreciate the little things in life.

“Many will have stories to tell. Come Battlemania, some will reminisce, rather like myself, some will create outrages tales of bravery and some of debauchery, some will sit in a café over a cup of coffee and tell their story, that exact story at that exact moment in time. Hell, I know one person will probably take a twisted angle towards a well-loved children’s book. I consider this to be rather entertaining, because no matter where we are, and what we chose to represent ourselves, we are all competing for one prize. To be the best of the best, the ultimate wrestler in this mad world that we all in live in.

I know some will be choosing a couple of opponents, laying down some trash talk on the ones they have head of, others may choose to pick on the group as a whole, which seems less sensible, but in a way makes a lot more sense than trying to pretend twenty five or more of the opponents in this match do not exist.

You know, many times throughout my career I have been commended on my ability to rip someone apart with my words alone, part of the reason I am known as “The Ripper” after all, but in this case I will not be doing so. I will be talking, a lot, after all, that is my greatest strength, but I choose not to pick on any opponent, be it a passing acquaintance, fierce hatred, partnership, rivalry or plain ignorance. Every one of the people in that match will provide me with a challenge beyond that I have ever known, with so many that I have no clue how good they are, and the rest that I do know have the ability to tear me apart on any given day, I would be foolish to go into this match thinking that I am going to walk it.

I’m still winning it though, I know it will be hard, but that will not deter me from going all the way. The prize money is great, the recognition of being one of the best in the world will be a great honour, but most importantly, this is a great promotional tool, to not only show the great teachings of OCW, and to show how they moulded me into the wrestler I am today, but to promote my own brand, and I am a businessman after all.”

Danny steps through the gate, onto what seems to be a deserted road. Deserted except for one car anyway. A Bentley Continental GT, black, of course. Danny moved towards the car, and as he did, a smartly dressed driver stopped leaning on the driver’s door and moved round the car to open the back door for his boss. Yes, Danny B was the sort of person to have drivers, he was also the kind of person to not give a shit if they slept in the back seat while he was out doing whatever he wanted. Most would be angered at the amount of cigarette butts that lined the tarmac at one side of the car, Danny was not most people. The Ripper unbuttoned his jacket, and slid comfortably into the back seat, where a bottle of Disarrono sat beside an empty tumbler. He went about pouring himself a splash whilst the engine of the car came to live and the car pulled away. Danny leant back into the seat, sipping gratefully on the amber nectar.

“Only I would book a PPV the week I have to show up for Battlemania. Hell, everyone else will be boarding the cruise ship tomorrow night, well, everyone except Amber anyway. Me, I’m flying back to Brazil, left there literally a couple of weeks ago after an OCW PPV, now I’m going back, only to fly back immediately following the match to attempt to board the ship in Lagos twenty four hours later. Fuck me, I’m just not as young as I used to be! At least I get to fly business!”

Danny looked out of the window as the car rolled along, watching as the illuminated windows gave way to the ever beautiful view of moonlit pines against the silky black silhouette that was the sky. As time moved on, The Ripper saw the trees begin to thin as the car rolled onto a highway, heading towards his next destination, none other than the airport to take him to Rio. For someone that retired from in ring competition last year, he was spending an absurd amount of time flying around the world to compete. See, let me tell you a little tale here. Last year marked the ten year anniversary of our protagonist. For ten years he fought in three very different worlds of wrestling. Over time one vanished, then another, but as they vanished, he found this world, and for five years would tour the globe with three different companies, fighting and clawing to become the best that those companies had to offer. But the time was coming, he knew it, the ideas were fading, the originality becoming less and less prominent, and for Danny B, it was put up or shut up time. He would go on to lose a win or quit situation, and retired.

But there is a funny thing about this business, and that is that the amount of people who permanently retire are slim and none. Even those that hang up the boots for years can usually still be tempted by one more match. This was especially true in the case of Danny B. He knew that in hanging up his boots he would slip on his loafers, tights exchanged for fitted trousers, in fact, the only thing that didn’t change was his love for the business. But the temptation was always there, it is for everyone.

Our scene had now moved into the bustling city, and despite it being drinking hour in the Outback, the streets were still lined with cars and buses, the sidewalks still full of late night entertainment venue goers finding their way around. At least in America you were less likely to see some Chav bitch bent over, puking up in the gutter, flashing her bare arse to the world. The states certainly had their charm in that respect. Soon he would sit upon a Boeing as it took to the sky, finding its home thirty thousand feet in the air on the way to the land of the Carnival. But for now, it was time to enjoy one of life’s greatest vices, and as the world-familiar green mermaid came into view, Danny instructed his driver to pull over and bring him a large mocha. Alcohol was good, coffee would always be better. Danny looked out at the busy city. There was none of the charm or glamour of New York or Los Angeles here, but Union City was amazing in and of itself. Danny had first visited here in between shows when having come out of retirement for everyone’s favourite Atlantic City based fed, a short lived but fantastic time with one of the best companies in the world.

“That was the time I knew I could still go, but my ideas for being in the ring had started to fade, and to me that was obvious. Although, I can still attest to being the first to defeat a woman that would later become their champion mind, but my time in the ring had come to a close. Or so I thought. See, I can never stay away, and when the right opportunity comes along, one that doesn’t impede on my ability to grow my own brand, I will take it. This of course is one of those times.

I have my accolades, but I don’t feel like shoving them out there, occasionally I might make the odd quip, but what matters is always the moment you are in. At one time I considered myself to be the best at what I do, all kids can be that arrogant at times, but now I realise something, something far more important than being the best is being happy in what you do.

I relish this challenge because I am happy in what I do now, yes I am still a wrestler, as long as I have the ability I will be a wrestler, but I am a promotor at heart, a designer, a visionary. I took this chance for the opportunity to tune eyes into my vision, and I know that is what lets me put more heart into the match for anyone else. I am doing this for my own benefit, that much is true, but I do not do it for personal glory, I do not do it because I believe that seeing someone wrestle well proves that they book well, because that is lunacy. I do this for the opportunity, for the media coverage, to be the best damn promotor in the world today. I will win this match not to add to my list of accolades, but for the Revolution. I fight for CWR.

This may be my biggest test to date, championships, rivalries, they all pale in comparison for the chance to do what I love doing more than anything in the world, and that is live and breathe professional wrestling. I am a man, I am a monster, I am the Ripper, and those in the Battlemania battle royal will learn one very important thing from this man on a mission, how to Fear The Reaper. Now, cameraman, get the fuck out of my car!”

As the driver re-enters the vehicle and leans over the back seat to give The Ripper his smoking hot beverage full of chocolate and caffeine elixir, the shot moves from the inside out, and we watch as the car pulls away, headed to what Danny B would consider his destiny. Onto what will be the trending topic on Saturday night.


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