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Free Agent: The Mammoth


New member
May 2, 2005
General Information -

Real Name: Malik Allah Roland
Ring Name: Malik Roland
Nickname: The Mammoth
Height: 6'4
Weight: 290 lbs.
Born: June 13th, 1975
Alignment: Heel
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Entrance Music: 'Til the End' by Lloyd Banks
Trainer: 'Big' Richard Silver
Years Professional: 13 Years

Past Information -

Managers: Duzza (LoC), Natalia Simunek (LoC)
Past Teams: THS (w/ Chris Maddox), Roland & Quo (w/ Statuz Quo), & has also teamed with Teck9, Ali Khadafi and Rejection.
Past Groups: SSM (w/ Teck9 & Ali Jones), Playaz Inc (w/ Statuz Quo, Duzza, Ali Khadafi, Dark Haze, & Dante Jackson), The Hit Squad (w/ Chris Maddox & Jamar Johnson), & also has had several groups consisting of Statuz Quo, Duzza & Ali Khadafi, The Faction (LoC) - Black Tom Williams, Laurie Williams, Ray Chavez, Jonathon Conspiracy, Penance, Duzza, Ali Khadafi, Statuz Quo, etc.
Past Federations: LoC, NFW, ACW, hWo, RR, eVolution, EdW, OSW, XXX Wrestling, DWF, sWc, SE, riVal, iWEf Wrestling, cW, FSW, AWA, HPW, IOW International, fEar Wrestling, HcW, UBC, thReat, the Prophecy, Kampf Fighting, iLLegal Fighting, Plague Fighting, etc.
Past Championships: sWc Heavyweight Championship 2x, LoC Team Champion, EdW Platinum Championship 2x (undefeated), iWEf Wrestler of the Year (2001), iWEf Television Championship 1x, iWEf Hardcore Championship, HcW International Championship 1x, XXX Tag Team Championship 1x (Undefeated), Plague Dementia Division Championship 1x (Undefeated)
Accomplishments: $250,000 'LoD Bounty', Held both Team Championships simultaneously, Longest reigning Team Champion in LoC History, & Longest reigning champion in any division, Undefeated in the history of EdW/eVo, etc.

Moves -

Style: Powerhouse
Trademark: Not Applicable
Finisher(s): The Gore & The Mammoth Stretch
Descriptions: The Gore (Duh), and The Mammoth Stretch (Human Torture Rack).

Writings -

Title: A Trip to the John
Federation: Legacy of Champions
Starring: Ryans Billows and Malik Roland

Malik Roland pushed open the bathroom door to find Ryan Billows washing his hands. Ryan Billows glanced at The Mammoth through the mirrors as Roland continued by him walking over to the farthest Urinal in the bathroom. Billows surveyed Malik his entire trip over to the other end of the bathroom while Malik begun to un zipper his pants he jerked his head up and over and gave Billows a snaring look. Billows immediately changed his vision to the mirror while Roland tended to his duties.

Ryan gathered a hand full of water with both hands and splashed it upon his face, watching the water drip from his chin he grab a towel and dabbed his face dry. Placing the towel on the counter he happened to glance over at Roland, thinking of what happened last week he tried to once again befriend Malik. "Malik...." Ryan suggested towards Roland but got no response. Things haven't been going great for Billows on Violence, in general the entire week for that matter. Purple bags laid under the piercing blue eyes of Billows which indicated that much sleep hasn't come his way. Yet in still he gathered himself together and walked over to Malik.


"Nothing...Just thought we could re-introduce ourselves." Billows expressed himself to Roland. Roland shrugged him off and Ryan placed his right hand on Roland's shoulder.

"Ryan is it?" Malik Roland being sarcastic.

"Yea...Ryan Billows" Billows replied rolling his eyes.

"Well Ryan you can start by taking your hand off of me and giving me three feet." Billows removed his hand while Malik zipped his pants up and pulled the handle on the urinal. He looked at Billows and smirked. "Oh I get it! Not only are you a cracka hating racist but you're also a homosexual?"

Could Billows day get any worse? He lost to Race Starr in the opening match and now he gets accused of being a gay by Malik Roland. Either way Billows proceeded to take a few steps back shaking his head in disbelief. He assured Roland that he wasn't a homosexual but Roland wouldn't let up. "What other kind of person would rub another mans shoulder while he is taking a piss? Riddle me that...."

"Man, I'm not gay! On top of that I am not a racist either, that was just a monumental misunderstanding last week and I just want you to know that." Billows said softly offering his Malik a handshake in the process. Malik walked away from Billows to the sink by the entrance door. He turned the faucet on and lathered his hands with soap. Malik scrubbed his hands clean while Billows handed him a towel from the towel rack. Malik accepted his gesture and threw the towel at Billows face.

With all the happenings that had gone on on Violence, Billows had had enough. This was two weeks in a row that Malik spat in the face of Billows after he extended the olive branch. Billows clenched the towel tight trying to fight back what he really wanted to say but even that was to much for Billows as he just expressed himself.

"You know what? I am tired of you MALIK. You think you are so great because you're undefeated in LoC, well look who you wrestled! TFF, Logan Creig, Race St...." Malik Interrupted Billows.

"Race Starr?" Roland smirked. "I seem to recall you being on the end of a ass whooping via Starr".

Billows furiously throw the toll on the ground and basically called on Roland. "Don't you worry your head over my record man. You worry about me and next week. Yeah, I'm challenging you, Roland! Legacy Rules, I want to see if you're head is swollen with pride, or if you really can walk the walk!"

"Hit rewind....Do you really think you'd want to do that? I mean look what happened with Starr. If you can't beat him the odds of me even making you look good in the ring are slim." Malik responded laughing.

"Don't fret over making me look go-" Malik yet again cut Billows off.

"Save me the speech, okay? I'll tell you what. Come next Violence...I'm going to leave you in the ring a broken wreck. Believe that..." Malik Roland swings the bathroom door open and exits leaving Billows with one word.


Billows gritted his teeth and heard the word echo in his mind.

Next week. The Mammoth versus The Young Lion.


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