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FW's Seven Sins and Seven Samurai

Whats Your Alias

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Aug 30, 2004
SO YOU KNOW: This topic has been lifted from the PTC forums, and was originally posted by MJ. What can I say, I liked the idea for the thread and wanted to get the opinions of ze FW crowd, maybe get some convo a flowing. I’m thinking it will be interesting… and I wanted to switch it up and add a little extra too it, to get the other side of the mirror.

Of all the characters you’ve read, within FW, who’s the most guilty of the seven deadly sins.

Pride: An excessive belief in one's own abilities. Someone overly cocky and ultimately elite… at in his/her own mind.

Lust: Craving for satisfaction. Doesn't just apply to nymphomaniacs, lust can include adrenaline junkies and people addicted to certain things.

Gluttony: When you simply can't get enough of one thing even if you don't particularly need it. A world-class wrestler who dominates a lower title simply to have one, for example.

Greed: Someone who wants everything. Selfishness to an extremity that one will take everything they can just to stop someone else having it.

Sloth: Laziness. Someone who wants something without giving anything back, or just plain doing nothing. Manipulators and irresponsible managers, for example, abusing their clients.

Wrath: This one could apply to so many people because every fed has a generic sadist. Wrath is hate for hate's sake. A rich, beloved, man (or woman) who refuses everything kind given to them in favour of continual anger.

Envy: Jealousy in any form. A desire for another's status, looks, traits, friends, anything.


Who’re the biggest ‘champions’, I guess you could say, of the Seven Contrary Virtues… aka The Seven Samurai.

Faith: Loyalty to another wrestler or federation. Confidence in themselves, or there own beliefs.

Hope: Trusted. Someone who is expected upon to keep and elevate that 'status-quo', and continually pulls through.

Synergy: Some one who continually strengthens the weak or failing environment around themselves. Not necessarily the strongest, but someone who makes others stronger.

Courage: Someone who unflinchingly faces danger and fear with confidence and bravery.

Justice: Someone who sticks to a certain moral correctness in action and/or attitude.

Control: A person who has proven to unwaveringly keep there emotions in check, even when pushed to the brink.

Caution: Someone who is burdened by the self imposed responsibility, with trying to keep others from harm.


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Jun 18, 2004
Pride: Troy Windham, hands down

Lust: Beau Michaels

Gluttony: Doc Silver... he loves him some pain

Greed: DREDD in NEW

Sloth: Avery Prosser, getting Seven Deadly Sins to do all his dirty work for him :p

Wrath: Chaos

Envy: Beau Michaels!

Faith: Hornet

Hope: Beast

Synergy: Joey Melton

Courage: Lindsay Troy

Justice: Ummm... I don't think any character on FW goes for justice ;)

Control: Beast, for withstanding all that stuff mean ol' Mr. Ryan is putting him through

Caution: Umm... see justice :p

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