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Gauntlet VI - Money in the Gauntlet Qualifying Matches

Evil James

League Member
Feb 17, 2008
San Diego, California
Money in the Gauntlet Match
Competitors TBD

Simple scenario: Yet another Gauntlet round but this one will have a ladder match in it. All you have to do is climb the ladder and get the briefcase. Simple? Sounds like it. However you forgot about the 9 other wrestlers in the match who want it as badly as you do. Qualifying matches will be held in February for this. Signs ups start January 1st. Get ready for it.


This Gauntlet will take place throughout the month of February. Participants will be placed in matches against each other. Winners advance to the Money in the Gauntlet Match at EWMANIA I.

Winner of that match can cash in an EWMANIA Championship title shot at ANY time at ANY event in a participating fed or here in EWMANIA.
Matches start February 1st and run throughout the month.

Sign-up here -
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