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God of War III

Paddy McDowell

League Member
Apr 4, 2010
The Land Down Under
Might be the reason I'll be getting a PS3, add Uncharted in there. That'll be number two on my wish list though, right after all the MGS games. I'm guessing the only reason I'll be getting a PS3 will be for the exclusives, but to not hijack my own thread and go on about getting the PS3; have you seen that bit with Kratos ripping that dudes head off? That's just epic, granted that it's playable.

To those (lucky) people who got their hands on it, how is it? What kind of achiev- sorry, trophies are there? Anything to look out for? I heard it actually got a 10 on Game Informer, which is basically never. Must be good if it gets that kind of score. It even gets as much hype from PS3 fanboys as Halo does from 360 fanboys and that's a statement.

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