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May 25, 2006
Detroit, Michigan
( an office building,just outside of hollywood. Rob walks in alone and walks up to the desk in the lobby and plops down in a waiting chair. his appointment with a talent agent is soon)

secratary- ROB FRANKLIN?

rob- yeah?

secratary- mr. phillips will see you now

rob- alright

(rob walks down a long, skinny hallway to the door at the end and knocks)

(the door swings open to reveal a twig-like man with a cheap suit on)

rob- are you mr phillips?

phillips- yes sir i am, sit down please

(mr. phillips gestures to an overstuffed chair by his desk)

rob- whatever

phillips- so rob- you wanna be a pro wrestler?

rob- no

(both men sit down)

phillips- what do you mean no?

rob- i want to be famous no matter whai i have to do, even if i have to entertain a bunch of rednecks

phillips- well... ok then- lets get started shall we?

rob- please

phillips- so... whats your gimmick?

rob- are you joking?

phillips- no, not really... you do have a gimmick riiiiight?

rob- HELL NO!

phillips- well, dont worry- ill make up one

rob- no you wont you dumb jack-ass!

phillips- no need for that kind of language-


phillips- c'mon rob, just take a look at these-

(phillips takes out a huge box and pulls out a fireman's hat)

phillips- put it on!

rob- this is bullshi-

phillips- "the FlameThrower!"

rob- that's really fuc-

phillips- "don't play with fire- or you'll get burned!"

( rob gets up and starts to leave)

phillips- NO NO NO! what about this? you're an amnesia patient and no one knows who you you are. you may have killed somebody. we'll call you... John D-

rob- thats the stupidest thing i've ever heard. what idiot would have that gimmick?

phillips- you're right- that is really stupid.

rob- stop wasting my ****ing time. im gone

(rob leaves)

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