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GOLD RUSH Announcement - July 28


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Mar 17, 1988
It's up on the home pages of both FWrestling.com and CSWAwrestling.com.

There's still time to sign up and not be behind -- just roleplay in this forum and you're in. We'll continue to take participants until Round 2 starts (see below).

Next steps:

  • The final parts of the CRUISE of DECEPTION will be posted, bringing us up to date on how the CSWA got to ANNIVERSARY. (Should be posted this weekend if all goes well.)
  • The ring lottery will be posted, showing which participants are in which ring. At that point forum threads will be posted for each ring, including the center ring with Troy Windham and the UNIFIED Title.
  • Round 2 begins. Roleplay for this round should last 7-10 days. Angles will be accepted for consideration and matchwriting will begin.

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