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goldFISH vs. Riddick for Lesson 2

Throbbin Wood

League Member
Dec 5, 2009
TOKYO – Riddick and goldFISH may have suffered losses last night on the inaugural Lessons In Bloodshed, but in the grand scheme of things they came out unscathed in a night that saw goldFISH's opponent, Randall Beetwix, injure his ankle and put himself out for the next show when exiting the ring after his victory. Riddick brutally assaulted his main event opponent, Jonathan Marx, just after Marx made him pass out.

Two matches went cancelled thanks to a bar brawl and backstage rumble, and property damage was made The IL's responsibility in a show that resembled the Source Awards more than a good ol' fashioned wrestling program. It must be a Joey Clerk world in Japan these days, and it's 2004 returning.

After the chaos, only one match has been confirmed for the March 23 program – Riddick vs. goldFISH. As of this moment, it might be the only match scheduled on the program.

goldFISH is 0-1-0 in The IL with 98 ranking points, sitting fifth in the table. With a size advantage vs. Randall Beetwix on Lesson 1, he lost to the 42 year old Los Angeles veteran. He isn't going to let the loss get to me, providing he probably isn't going to remember it. He had control of most of the match until the end, and should he manage to remember it enough for it to linger with him, his opponent might not be able to pull off a Beetwix-like victory on Lesson 2.

Riddick surely remembered his loss and will be motivated after his return to wrestling saw him try and knock the rust off vs. an in-form Jonathan Marx. Also at 0-1-0 with 98 ranking points, Riddick released the ambitious statement of wanting to be the first IL Tsunawoharu Champion. He knows after his loss to Marx that he has a long way to go.


Event: Lessons In Bloodshed: Lesson 2
Date: March 23, 2010
Venue: Pitch Black Nightclub (Tokyo)

goldFISH (EVEN) vs. Riddick (-100)

Will AK-47 get arrested again before his next scheduled match?
Who will top the ranking points table before National Threat I?
Who will be the first Tsunawoharu Champion?
Who will be the first wrestler to win five IL matches?

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