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Greatest Thing Ever


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
I'm sorry guys...but this...is the greatest thing I've ever heard.

WWE News: Joey Styles and JBL Fight in Iraq
Posted by Larry Csonka on 12.09.2008

Oh my God…

During the recent trip to Iraq, JBL was harassing former WWE announcer and now WWE.com head Joey Styles. JBL was basically bullying him, being rude, condescending and also spilling a drink on Styles at one point. JBL seemed to target Styles since it was his first trip with the company to Iraq, something Styles was looking forward too. Many people in the company don't like when JBL does these things, but they feel that they have to deal with it due to the fact that he is a tenured veteran and has a lot of political stroke backstage.

After a few days on the tour, JBL (who was drinking) did something to Styles that upset him so much that he physically retaliated. Several wrestlers tried to break up the situation, but JBL broke free. This is when Styles threw a punch that not only laid out JBL, but also blackened his eye. Many within the company feel that this is karma, due to the fact that JBL has "hazed" people for years, including the Blue Meanie beat down at the first "One Night Stand" as well as the European Tour where Smackdown talent Palmer Cannon quit the company due to the actions of JBL

This was the talk of the locker room last night at Raw. JBL was reportedly very out of character, as he was quiet and subdued backstage. Styles tried to downplay the entire incident when people brought it up. Most feel that this is a double embarrassment for JBL, first of all because he got punched out by an announcer, and secondly because he is very instrumental in setting up the Iraq tours.

Credit: Pwinsider.com

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