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Greenie's UFC 100 plays

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: Green Machine outside the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino)

GREENIE: I'm here at the sight of UFC 100, and I got my stone cold pipes, my cinches, my locks all ready to go.

First off the 2 straight bets


I can't see Hendo losing this fight, just can't see it, so I gotta take him, I dunno, maybe 1,000 to win 500? Something like that...Friggin' wife taking my money, friggin' Doc being upset I outted him as a worthless Alliance player and not giving me a roll for tonight..


Mir won the first fight, and now he's an almost 2 to 1 dog? I don't get it, this isn't Serra/GSP where it was clear one guy just figured he'd walk in the cage and win the first match and got shocked. Mir was a former Heavyweight champion before this fight, he's a good fighter, and he's back in business, I got to take a live dog like Mir here. 500 to win a little under a grand seems right by me.

And lastly...THE BOMB

FITCH, AKIYAMA, HENDERSON, GSP, MIR 5 way Parlay...Yeah I got 4 favorites, but it still drives up the odds, topping it off with the big main event upset and it's gonna be raining down cash for the Green Man tomorrow...Bank on it!


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