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League Member
Jun 14, 2016
Hey folks, name's Neal. Been in the game a long time (17 years). Ran a few feds (NAWC, DSW, KOKORO, SPIRIT FC), and a ton of characters (the Benedict clan, Andrea Kristian, TENMA Akamu, & many more). My current ones are "All American Badass" Hannah Kristian and "Pure Heart Warrior" Izumi Sato. Also created and ran The Other Side women's e-wrestling community from 2007 to 2011.

Over the years, I've mainly gravitated to hybrid and angle feds, though I've dabbled a bit in RP feds as well. The real joy for me though is working with other people to create amazing stories. And it's those stories that I will take with me when I walk away from this game for good.

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