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GUNning for Greensboro



(FADEIN: GUNS in his hotel in Oklahoma City, smiling.)

GUNS: Well, well, well...On Time has come and gone...and what did we see? We saw Wicked Sight lose his focus again, and get beat again, this time by a no-name punk. (Laughs.) I can see why you're a little jumpy, Mike. After all, I told you it was a bad idea to make enemies and fight a two-front war, but apparently you've gone and done Hitler one better because now it looks like you're fighting three entities at once. (Laughs.) You've got Hornet on one side, Dan Ryan and the GXW band of misfits and scrubs on the other, and of course, you've got the Strongest Arms in the World dead ahead at Fish Fund. Sight, you don't have to worry about Hornet, and you damn sure don't have to worry about the GXW, because when I'm finished with you at Fish Fund, there won't be anything LEFT for them.

Then, just to show that the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree, Shane Southern falls for the exact same trick in his match with Hornet that Sight fell victim to just last week. Guys, get it through your thick skulls...I'm not coming to help Hornet. When my music plays and Hornet's in the ring, it ain't me. Don't blame me because you guys are too stupid to understand that. Do you think EYE have access to the CSWA music system? You think Marvin Parsons is actually taking cues from the man who wants to destroy this whole company and put him out of a job? Give me a break.

And then we've got the English Gentleman himself, Larry. Larry, I'll admit, you put up a good fight...but I didn't expect anything less. You did exactly what you did against Randalls, and exactly what you did against Hornet. You put up a good fight, and then you LOST. And you fit right in with Mike and Shane, the Stupid Twins. I don't know what kind of tutoring the Queen Mum got for you as a child in England, son, but I have to question the wisdom of trying to get an armbar submission on THESE arms.

So, I admit, I am looking forward to your little showcase six-man tag team match...the showcase of the almost and never-will-be all-stars. (Laughs.) No, gentlemen, if you're looking for a REAL showcase in Oklahoma City, take a REAL good look at what I do to JJ Deville. JJ, I've gotta ask, what's going on? I mean, after all...I thought EYE had a big mouth until I met you, but you've been pretty damn quiet leading up to this match. Are you scared, JJ? Hiding under your bed in Eddy Love's guest house? Taking the Greensboro title belt on long, romantic walks on the beach because you know there's no chance in hell you're going to be together after Primetime? (Chuckles.) Maybe you've finally realized, JJ, that the big difference between you and me is that we both talk a good game...but only one of us can back it up, and it sure as hell ain't you.

I know what you're thinking out there in TV land. Why, GUNS? Why are you facing JJ Deville, a man who doesn't even deserve to lace your boots, for the Greensboro title, a title you have publicly ridiculed time and time again? (Chuckles.) Because I CAN, that's why. You see, JJ...in Oklahoma City, you're a glorified sparring partner. You're the ultimate human prop, JJ. I am going to beat you within an inch of your life, just to give Mikey Plett a good old fashioned sneak preview of what's coming his way at Fish Fund. And then, JJ, I'm going to take the Greensboro title...not because it's important to me, JJ, but because it's important to you, and even more importantly, it's important to the CSWA's heritage. (Laughs.)

Yes, it is the championship of the third largest city in the state of North Carolina...but that city is the birthplace of the CSWA...it's the cornerstone of the CSWA...it's the CSWA's heritage. (Smiles.) You might say that the very foundation the CSWA of today is built on is right there in Greensboro, North Carolina. And I'm going to take that foundation away. I'm going to take the Greensboro Heavyweight title and put it out of its misery. That's right, folks. Once I win that belt from you, JJ, you're not getting the chance to win it back. (Smiles.) NO ONE is, because I'm taking it home to San Antonio and it will PERMANENTLY rest on the mantle above my fireplace. It may no longer be an important brick, but it's the FIRST brick, and when I take it, the process of tearing the walls of the CSWA down will be in full effect.

JJ Deville, I'm taking your title away from you. It's that simple. Your silence indicates you already know it yourself. And you've come to grips with one simple fact. If you don't like it, that's too damn bad.

Because there's NOTHING you can do about it.


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
With HHE in our SIGHTS...

MP: You go ahead and kill JJ Deville - feed your ego. You go ahead - play your music during our matches - play your mind games. But it's just like Shane Southern said, he isn't buying it and I pray to God that Stanley isn't either. We stand solid... and make no bones about it, our solidarity and the sheer TALENT inside the ring at PrimeTime... Mike Plett, Shane Southern, Lawrence Stanley - we will make examples out of The Hip Hop Turncoats, we WILL without a shadow of a doubt ENTERTAIN the fans like no other can, especially some lug with arms bigger than my waist...

And just like you better believe that what we do at PrimeTime is an example, believe THIS... the mindgames won't work anymore, GUNS. I will take out at Fish Fund, whether it costs me my body, my career, my *** ****** SOUL, WICKED SIGHT, MIKE PLETT... is going to pin GUNS to the canvas.

Shane-O... you don't have to worry, brother, you know that you're getting nothing less than 100 percent when I hit the ring, and I don't doubt that you're bringing the same. I'm counting on the CSWA fans to carry us through our match and we PROMISE, in turn, to deliver them the STELLAR performance that they deserve to see!

That's why WE run this place, guys...

That's why...

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