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GXW Cruiserweight Title


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
* - 4/18/01 - When Worlds Collide: BftB - Eric Davis def. Falcon in a TLC Match when Davis climbed the ladder while Falcon was tied up in the ropes

* - 8/13/01 - Revolution - Kin Hiroshi def. Eric Davis with a sit down powerbomb

* - 12/22/01 - Fallout - Ricky Payne def. Kin Hiroshi in a ladder match after being handcuffed to the guardrail

* - 1/27/02 – X-Perience – Kin Hiroshi def. Ricky Payne and Cielo Guerrera after a Thunder Trifecta on Payne

* - 3/10/02 - Genesis - Eric "The Dragon" Davis defeated Kin Hiroshi

* - 1/01/03 - Battleground: Britain - Inferno defeated Eric 'The Dragon' Davis in a Ladder match to win the title.

* - 1/15/03 - Revolution - Zell Hunter pins Inferno with 'The Side Effect' to capture the title.

* - 8/13/03 - Revolution - Commissioner Ed Brown holds up the title after Zell Hunter and Justin Sane win a fatal four way. Because there was no clear winner, both will fight at Global Warfare in a ladder match to determine the new champion. (The title remained vacant as the fed closed)

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