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GXW History


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
As some of you have already (very quickly!) noticed, I've started work on a small GXW history subforum.

A lot of this information is in danger of being lost with the new site coming online so I felt it was time to move it over in some form.

Eventually I hope to have the cards posted as well, as I now have access to all of them also.

GXW is considered by me to be in direct reverse lineage to EPW, and thus while the titles were not moved to EPW they are considered as part of our story. I owe my time in e-fedding to Chad, as he convinced me to try online fedding in 1997 - and so, from his fed came John's and mine.

Thanks. Hope you like it, especially you old GXW'ers still with us. :)

- Dave, EPW Owner

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