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GXW Roundtable


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Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: The new GXW logo, followed by "Salvation" by Escape. Highlights of GXW action on CSWA tv - Dan Ryan, Mike Plett, and the group attack of the Intruders - finally, Garrett McFarland from GXW television is shown on screen.)

GM: Welcome fans to a special infomercial here on U-62, The Wrestling Channel. The GXW has sent, one-by-one, it's men to the CSWA to prove some points. But one man who GXW fans would never have expected to be fighting their fight donned the GXW t-shirt at Fish Fund... a man that came into the GXW over a year ago and stood up for the CSWA's pride... a man named Michael Plett

(CUT TO: A black screen reads "The Old Days." CUT TO: A shot of Plett, in a sit-down setting that is totally mocking Troy's last appearance on CSWA Roundtable.)

MP: Y'know, I was the happiest CSWA wrestler on the roster a few months ago... I stood up for the company every chance I had, I rallied the troops against injustice, I gave the fans exactly what they seemed to want, including my health... no more than any other man, but certainly no less... and I did it better than anyone else on the roster.

And then they lost their faith.

And that's when I talked to Zieba.

As you know, CSWA contracts, by nature, aren't exclusive. Merritt's got this complex - he thinks the world only wants to see the CSWA, and if the competitors here are somewhere else... well they don't matter in his eyes. I signed a GXW contract to begin my figurative pissing on the CSWA.

GM: You've yet to appear on GXW television, can you explain that?

MP: I still have contractual obligatiosn to the CSWA as far as my schedule, but rest assured... Mike Plett will walk out on OnSlaught or Revolution one day VERY soon.

(CUT TO: The black screen. The words "Mr. CS-King of All Media-Troy Diggity-Troy2k-WA Troy Windham" appear on the screen. CUT TO: Plett.)

MP: I think the title says it all... Troy, you're an act. Giving the fans what they want... but you're doing it the fake way. You're playing games, jumping on bandwagons. It's simple, the guys that care, in the CSWA - they get screwed over. And you politic playing megastars ruin it for those guys. I gave of my SOUL and the fans respected it, they wanted the stellar performance... but politics, commentators, even promos by the top guys... turned the fans on me and they never came back.

(CUT TO: The black screen. The words "Poetry" appear on the screen.)

MP: And with all of that said... I wrote a poem for Troy.

Off the boards, my body is spent
I gave it all, a hundred percent
Of my soul and of my blood
A diary of my life

But you turned your back on me
Called me the traitor I would not be
Pushed me past my breaking point
A turning point in my life

Now the time has come my old friends
To gain my revenge and in the end –
I’ll piss upon your history
And win the fight of my life

GM: I for one, never thought I'd say this... but I can't wait to see Mike Plett on GXTV!

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