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Long Live THE KING
Mar 16, 2004
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jul-30-02 AT 03:17 PM (EDT)]"I'd hate for Evan Aho to label me a talker again. ...or for anybody, for that matter, to label me all talk, no action. If THAT’s even possible, considering all the wars I've been in lately, and all the Dan Ryan's I've made my b#tch. To be honest, I hadn't planned on stepping in front of a camera to address you or Fish Fund again, as I thought what needed to be said was said...

"...but, I'm feeling a severe pain. ...in my neck. My back. My neck and my back."

fade- in:

[Small]Sean Stevens sat on the leather sofa in his apartment, staring directly at the camera, touching his neck slightly, before moving his hands in amusement. CLEARLY doing his best "Dan Ryan" impression.[/small]

"Dan Ryan, the more you open your mouth the harder it is to contain my laughter. Who are YOU to criticize somebody for being redundant? You of all people should sit back, keep your mouth closed, and smile at the thought of the same thing being said over and over, because it gives you a crowd to hide behind. For two weeks before our match I had to sit back and listen to you call me a contradiction... a liar... a contradiction again... and, another liar. And, I'm not even going to get into all the editing of my promos you did, and how old THAT got in the short amount of time you started using that method.

"You don't have the right to nit- pick anything anybody in this company says, or does for that matter. And, read my lips, Dan... Nobody gives a flying f#ck what you have in store for us at Fish Fund. Damn, Ryan... you actually act like you believe we don't expect some cheap trick by you and your bingo hall rejects. No, we know it’s coming. We know you aren’t stupid enough to think coming in here as GXW World Champ meant anything in our eyes. We expect the surprises… we can’t wait for the backup to arrive. The reason we're not shaking in our boots, is because we're not impressed by the GXW."

[small]Sean pulled a rubber band off of his wrist and places it around the ends of his long golden hair, creating a pony- tail.[/small]

"You, yourself, are it's standard bearer, Ryan. You represent the best that company has to offer. You hold the GXW World Championship, you're the best big man in GXW, and have been around since the company opened, only losing twice, and I beat your a##, easily. In three minutes, I made you reconsider every promise you made to hurt me... to show me. To beat me. And, it was a breeze, too. I didn't even break a sweat. You didn't want any of me then and contrary to what you want the public to believe... You sure as hell don't want anything to do with me now. Not now, not ever. THAT's why you’ve got this well thought out plan, Ryan. Not because you want the help… But, because you need the help. You established yourself as a main player in that fed you came from, came here, and in your second match- up, Dan... Your second match- up...

"...I exposed you.

"Why should anybody take you seriously, Dan? Why should anyone dig up any new dirt on you? As the saying goes: 'If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.' We don't need to change our games, because the little bit that we know about you, and your cheap attempts at getting, as you like to say, over, are enough. And, let's be honest, Dan... you don't give a hell about the US Championship because there's no chance in hell of you winning it. Say what you want. Edit what you want to edit. I'm not buying it, and nobody else is either.

"But, I understand the game you're playing, Dan. 'If I say I don’t want the US Championship, I have an excuse when Sean Stevens whoops my b#tch a##.' Clever... but, elementary. You want that title because it gives your company a little more air to breathe. More leverage. It'd be the weight that shifts the momentum into GXW's favor. Couldn't you just imagine the headlines, Dan? The promotion your company would receive as a result? 'Dan Ryan, GXW's champion beats THREE CSWA superstars in route to capturing the CSWA United States Championship in his third match back.' You'd like nothing better than to win that strap Dan, and have the pleasure of doing the one thing not many of us can lay claim to, and that's beating Hornet.

"But, it's not gonna happen. Why? Because I'm here. I'm standing in that ring right across from you, ready to stick my size twelve boot up your six- five a##, any and every time you even make an attempt at ruining my dream. You’re damned right I care about winning this match, because winning this match advances my career in ways unimaginable to the average man looking to make his break.

"And, when I do it... don't give me any excuses. You knew you had a GXW contract with duties to hold up when you came over here. ...when you asked Chad Merritt to let you sign a CSWA contract. I don't feel sorry for you. Southern doesn't feel sorry for you... and, Hornet's too busy thinking about himself, and trying to get over on everybody than to think about you.

"You said you'd buy a 'Best of GUNS' videotape if you wanted to hear a bunch of bullsh#t... Well, I disagree. I already spent my money buying copies of each promo you cut last week, where you said you’d beat me. That’s all the bullsh#t I can handle.

"See you at the park, Dan. And, if I were you, I'd get somebody to hold me a space in the 'plastic surgery' line, because when I'm through with you... you'll need it."

[small]Sean got up from his seat, walking out of the camera's viewing range.[/small]

fade- to- black

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