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H.C. Myndz


League Member
Jun 24, 2006
Handler name(s): Kongo(oooooo)
E-mail: thegreatmuka@gmail.com
AIM: thegreatmuka

Team Members: Khan Trey Killa & Bobby Gotti
Nicknames: H.C. Mafia, Mental Mafia, Dem Hardcore Boys

Theme Music: "I'm That Nigga" by Freddie Gibbs
Ring Entrance: H.C. Myndz come out bouncing to their music, flashing the H-C sign and antagonizing the crowd. If there are cameras, they get into the camera's "face." Often snatch hats and signs, throwing them away from their owners or ripping them up. Will slap cameras out of fans' hands.

Combined Weight: 476 lbs.

Alignment: Heel
Gimmick/Personality: Rowdy rowdy! Headbreakers, ****kickers, gangsta to the core. Restless and ruthless, ready to throw down at the drop of a hat. Will employ weapons whenever possible. Violence is their trade and they don't sanitize it like some. This ain't a game. Mental Mafia here to beat the **** out of you.

Finisher: Critical Beatdown (Gotti gets his opponent on his shoulders Argentine style, flips them off to the side onto KTK's waiting knees)


Name: Khan Trey Killa (Trey Welsh)
Nickname: KTK, Dat Natural Killa, Mickey Knox, Mick The Killa, Da Highlanda

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 212 lbs.

Appearance: Dark brown skin, moderate definition. Arms and torso covered in tattoos. Wrestles in jean shorts and work boots, black elbow and kneepads. Often comes down to the ring in a bulletproof vest.

Personality: The instigator and troublemaker of the group, more provocative than Bob, though somewhat more cowardly.

Wrestling Style: Hardcore brawler. Uses his speed to good effect, but no flashy flying. Not afraid to mix it up, even with people bigger than him. Uses some kung faux.
Moveset: Lo Mein (bicycle low blow followed by karate chop to the forehead, with "kung fu" theatrics and sounds), Drano (curbstomp to bottom buckle/chair/object), jumping axe kick, flying elbow smash, diving double stomp*, fireman's carry slam (aka Attitude Adjustment), snap suplex, running knees to cornered opponent, STO, reverse STO*, Da Sizzurrrrp!* (rope hung neck dragon screw)
Finisher: Kill the Kid! (charging yakuza kick)


Name: Bobby Gotti (Robert Richardson)
Nickname: Bob Da Don, Son Gotti, Da Grinch, Teflon Da Don, Big Teff

Height: 6'5"
Weight: 264 lbs.

Appearance: Deep dark skin like ebony, well built. Wears wifebeaters of white or black, blue or black jeans hanging low on his hips, work boots. No tattoos.

Personality: More cerebral than KTK, the voice of reason in the Mental Mafia. Still as ready to brawl, still knows the better part of valor, simply proceeds with more forethought than his partner.

Wrestling Style: Hardcore power brawler.
Moveset: Drano* (curbstomp to bottom buckle/chair/object), lifting DDT*, Samoan drop, standing spinebuster, running leg drop, lariat, sleeper hold (wringing his opponent a la the Master Lock), back suplex lift to one-arm spinebuster/mat slam, side slam, Piano Wire* (camel clutch sleeper)
Finisher: East River Drop (Samoan carry to Emerald Flowsion)

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