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Hacker Backstage Interview


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA

Camera fades to Hacker walking with a purpose to his lockerroom. Openning the door we see Silencer shaking his head but Natalia smiling knowing that she is now free of Hacker.

Silencer- What was that?

Hacker- Nothing that mean jack.

Natalia- Like I said before Hacker, your a loser and that just proved it. *smiles* I won't be seeing you around.

Natalia goes to walk out when Hacker grabs her arm.

Hacker- And where the hell do you think your going?

Natalia- I'm free, you said if you lost I am a free woman.

Hacker- *laughs* And you actually believed me. *pulls Natalia close to him* I Lied!

Silencer- Uh Hacker, I hate to be the burdened of bad luck but you did say that and if Bastard was paying attention to that little detail then he is going to come and collect his winnings.

Hacker- Then let's make a hasty exit.

Silencer grabs the bag as Hacker drags Natalia out of the room by the wrist to a waiting limo as the camera fades out.

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