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HAL v Shane


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
All RP for the match between HAL and STEVEN SHANE at RAPTURE should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

** RAPTURE matches have a RP limit of 2 RP's per participant..

The RP deadline is 11:59pm PST on SUNDAY, December 17th, 2006. Angles should be sent to secandido@san.rr.com ...


Diva Tree
Jan 1, 2000
All Your Base Are Belong To Us

(FADEIN to a hospital room bathed mostly in darkness. Harold A. Lumbourgh lies upright in a bed, an Acer notebook on his lap splashing vibrant colors over his bloodshot eyes. He seems agitated and begins to mumble.)

HAL: "... yeah... that's right... just walk around like everything's hunkey dorey... don't mind me... nah, no, I'm not there... just your imagination...

"... YEAH! STUNLOCKED! Sinister Strike! Gouge! Oh, yeah, how's that feel magey... can't Blink out, can 'ya? Oh, is that a COLD BLOOD EVISCERATE COMBO I JUST HEARD!?

"Psht. Powned, b*tch.

"Serves you right for rolling Alliance."

(Suddenly the lights come on and Lumbourgh covers his eyes as a nurse walks over to him, a livid look on her face.)

NURSE: "Mr. Lumbourgh, we have warned you, repeatedly, about your language while you play your... Internet games."

HAL: "It's not a game, noob. It's Warcraft. It's life. Don't you know ANYthing?"

NURSE: "Listen, Mr. Lumbourgh, it's very difficult to take your injuries seriously if you refuse to get the rest you need. You're lucky you aren't on a respirator, your ribs were v-"

HAL: "Enough, lady. I get it."

(Lumbourgh closes his notebook and the nurse stands there for a moment, before leaving, apparently satisfied.)

HAL: "Y'know, Shane.. I'm sure you expect me to come out here and brag about what happened out at TEAM, but I won't. Personally... winning something like that is about as important to me as the Tea Time Party Planners' latest batch of winning gardenias.

"Just about as much as what you've done, Shane. Truth is, I didn't come to NEW to represent NEW as some icon of wrestling supremacy.

"Hardly. In fact, the more I look around, the more obvious it becomes how... obtuse... and out of touch my opponents truly are.

"Like the misguided attempts of Sony and Microsoft to push the boundaries merely of graphics, you aren't merely wrong -- you aren't even perceiving the problem correctly.

"Nintendo, of course, the old standby... well, they changed the way we play the game. While everyone else thought prettier graphics, they were thinking increased intuitive interface. They were thinking, why not change the WAY we play?

"You, of course, know nothing of this. For you are Sensational, and that's all you'll ever be. Me? I am the bleeding edge technology... the Ruby on Rails to your Java... the Core 2 Duo to your Pentium 4... the Wii to your PS3.

"All Your Base Are Belong To Us, Shane. Whether you know it or not, those words changed everything. They made geek chic, and they made you obsolete.

"I have only just begun to ride these electrons to the core and dissipate into the heatsink... you do not yet know of my DirectX and OpenGL capabilities.

"But you will. Just like that little Ally mage on Dunemaul... you, too, will taste the wrath. But not of my Widowmaker blade into a Stunlock.

"For you, it will be nothing quite so visceral. Except the dawning realization that being Sensational wasn't good enough. Perhaps in the good ol' days, but not now. Not ever again.

"You, my friend, are obsolete."



League Member
Jun 9, 2004
We find ourselves in the backstage area of the arena. The camera progresses through the hallways before finally making its way to its destination. The camera slowly pans up and looks at the door in front of it. On the door, a sign reads: “The Sensational One”. The cameraman presses the door open and makes his way into the room.

Once inside, the camera pans the room before finally finding Steven Shane sitting on the floor, stretching out. He eyes the camera and gives a smile before pulling himself up to his feet.

Shane: Well, well, well…

Here we go with round number two here in New Era Wrestling. Can’t say that round number one went the way that I’d like, but if I were to get eliminated by somebody, I would hope that it would be my buddy Mr. Hart that do it.

Yes, everything seemed to be looking really well for The Sensational One until I made the mistake of tangling up with the eventual winner of the match, but maybe I should have seen that coming.

However, what I couldn’t see coming was what has been dealt to me this week.

I came here to NEW to make a splash in yet another of the great wrestling promotions within the FW community, and now, in match number two, I’m handed some ****tard that thinks that something that happens in another fed means jack here in Enn EE Dub.

You see, Mr. Office Space wants to try and divert all attention off of any type of comparison with success in the NEW.

Do I have much room to talk? Hell no. But I can honestly say that ALL my endeavors here have surpassed Howell’s.

I don’t give a damn what his “team” did elsewhere. Right here, right now, this isn’t a team game.

This is an all or nothing war that’s going to see Steven Shane take on Nick Burns, the company’s computer guy, in a good old fashioned one-on-one match.

An over the top rope battle royal is in no way a means to compare one’s abilities to another, but come RAPTURE this week, we will be able to measure those comparisons.

And the ultimate level of measurement in any type of sport is a win over any opponent, even if you’re the Dallas Cowboys defeating the injury-plagued Falcons.

For that moment in time, you will be considered the better of what it is that you do.

And just like the Cowboys, should they continue their winning ways, they will be considered not only dominant over the Falcons, but also over everyone else that they may be compared with.

Once I destroy Mr. Burns between those ropes this week and continue to do the same to the entire NEW roster, I will be held in the same regard as the always-winning Cowboys.

And when all is said and done, both the Cowboys and I will be called “champion”.

And it all begins this week when I send my opponent into a permanent “shut down” mode.

And frankly, I could give a damn about you trying to tell me that some sort of dumbass, mistranslated geek squad reference.

You want to talk about changing the way we play and how I can’t understand it?

Apparently, you haven’t been paying close enough attention. Because Sensational IS the new way of playing the game.

And come RAPTURE, I’ll be sure to show your intuitive interface just what I mean.

Shane gives a smile as the camera fades out.

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