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Hart v Iris


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Jan 1, 2000
Miami, Florida
(FADEIN: The FMLL gymnasium. El Arco Iris is in the ring, sitting on the top turnbuckle of one corner, watching as the young trainees go through their drills. The camera closes up on Iris and he turns to face it, with his customary humongous grin on his face.)

El Arco Iris: El Arco Iris’ career has not been that long, but already El Arco Iris is helping future stars along their path to their place in the sun, and the feeling El Arco Iris gets from seeing this happen is nothing short of absolutely euphoric! Sometimes though, El Arco Iris forgets that there is still yet a lot to do in El Arco Iris’ own career and El Arco Iris must maintain clear sight of the road ahead. Settling an old rivalry is the top priority in setting the stage for the rest of El Arco Iris’ career, and to prepare for the transformation of professional wrestling as we know it for the better.

(El Arco Iris hops off the top turnbuckle and leans against the ropes, takes out a whistle, blows on it, then gives some orders in Spanish to the students in the ring, then returns to the ring.)

El Arco Iris: Shawn Hart, El Arco Iris must say that it is an honor and a privilege that you came out of retirement specifically to face El Arco Iris because you respect El Arco Iris’ talent. The last time we had an encounter, it was in less than favorable circumstances. There was little to no planning behind the decisions made by the ruling minds, which caused our abrupt pairing and lack of time to prepare. El Arco Iris will concede without hesitation that El Arco Iris wound up on the losing side, and you did go on to win that title tournament, but back then, El Arco Iris, although still having the same enlightened and ecstatic spirit, had an unfocused and immature mind. El Arco Iris has learned so much is so little time, not just from continued exploits between these nylon ropes, but from teaching as well. El Arco Iris has seen so many different wrestlers try their hand at success on top of the canvas and continually deal with their trials and tribulations, that El Arco Iris has only tried harder and harder to alleviate hearts and souls, because a mind free of preoccupation performs best, and the greatest competition is bred from respect and happiness! Thus El Arco Iris has shed the chrysalis, and the wings of the rainbow are spread fully.

(El Arco Iris then turns back to the students and blows the whistle and they stop. He walks towards them, speaking in Spanish, but we are luckily supplied the convenience of subtitles.)

Iris: (Alright, very good, young ones. You make El Arco Iris burst with pride to see your progress with each growing day.)

(El Arco Iris gives a hug to both the students who were sparring with each other, and then the two students hug each other.)

Iris: (Students, you must always remember to follow this example. A simple gesture such as a hug can change the world, imagine what it can do on the wrestling mat! With that hug, you are telling your opponent that no matter what happens, we are both human beings and share this soil as we do this canvas, and we are both great enough to try our best and harbor no rancor. You all understand?)

Students (collectively): (Yes, professor!)

Iris: (Excellent. Hate and anger are only bred from lack of confidence in one’s self, and envy or frustration with others. When you learn to free your heart from hate, and essentially lose your self, that is when you become the best wrestlers. Now go hit the weights and then shower up. El Arco Iris wants to see you do bench press, squats, curls, lat pulls, leg curls, and then you’re done for the day.)

(El Arco Iris blows on his whistle and the students disperse to different areas of the gym where the weight equipment is. El Arco Iris remains in the ring and turns back towards the camera.)

Iris: Shawn Hart, you are a product of a bygone era. Not that you can no longer compete in the ring, no, El Arco Iris fully acknowledges your mat prowess, but you have the mentality of an age that sadly still survives today, and that is one with a foremost concern on oneself. El Arco Iris has seen how you always wrestle with the self in mind. Not that it hasn’t gotten you wins, but it hasn’t always now, has it? Your mind has always been clouded with selfishness and avarice, and this is where El Arco Iris can stop and change that. El Arco Iris spends each day with these dreamers and hopers and wishers making sure they build a tomorrow that is pure and untainted with self-absorption, but built with a foundation of respect and care, returning professional wrestling to its roots of solely competition and recognizing athletic talent. El Arco Iris does not mean to sound preachy, but it is merely the truth. But not for long, as long as El Arco Iris can touch as many lives as El Arco Iris has, and perhaps El Arco Iris can finally show you the error of the life you have lived. Maybe you are retired, but if El Arco Iris can open your eyes, you will be a most valuable asset to have on the side of this new wave of joy and friendship. El Arco iris will hope on those airwaves a change of guard will be shown to all, and we will both leave that ring with a SMIIIIIILE…(traces the smile on his mask with his thumb)…on our faces!

(Camera pans outwards to a wide shot of the gym.)

Iris: ¡Oye, luchadorcitos! ¿Quién quiere ir por el buffet chino? ¡Yo pagaré!


OORP: Sorry, but this will probably be my only RP for this match before I leave. Have fun, Ryan.

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