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Hart vs. Michaels vs. Minion


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Bethlehem, PA
First title defense

(FADEIN to "The Viewer's Choice" Scotty Michaels, walking around the foundation of what looks to be a new house being built. He is bundled up in a Philadelphia Eagles jacket and a pair of Adidas pants. Scotty's wearing a knit black cap, with his hair curled, sticking out the back of the hat a bit. The beard is gone, and he's got the WFW world heavyweight title over his shoulder...)

SCOTTY MICHAELS: Ha ha ha, everyone was so damn sure that I wouldn't grab the title at Merrython. They were all so positive that I couldn't POSSIBLY have any more tricks up my sleeve. Well, just like I always do I best... I PROVED THEM ALL WRONG! Now here I am, walking around the new mansion I'm having built. None of this would have happened if I didn't win the championship that you see right here..

(Scotty pats the championship belt..)

My first big title defense, it isn't even in the damn league! I can't get over the fact. Instead, I'm down here in the GXW defending the title against Shawn Hart and Minion...

(Scotty, quiet for a moment, rubs his chin, and continues...)

Shawn Hart, that was one HELL of a match at Merrython... you gave me everything that I could possibly take, but it's clear who the master manipulator was in that match. We've got a lot in common. Nobody likes you, and nobody likes me... that's all there is to it. However, you see, there's a difference between you and me. While you try and stick your nose in every federation known to man, I'd rather stay grounded in the WFW. I mean, don't get me wrong, the GXW is a great league, but I know that I'm the BEST, because I hold the championship in the WFW. It was probably your idea to have the match on neutral ground, so that you'd actually have a chance of winning the belt back. Well I've got news for you, that isn't going to happen.

(Michaels laughs, and sits down on the concrete foundation of the home..)

None of this here would be possible, if you didn't fall right into my trap, Hart... NOT A DAMN THING! I wouldn't be building a new home here, right outside of my home town. I'd be out of the WFW, because, while it all may have been an elaborate set-up.. if I didn't win, I would have stuck to my word and left the WFW. Hell, maybe I would've even showed up here in the GXW, because I'm sure I'd be able to win their championship as well.

(Scotty looks serious, and seriously cold...)

Minion, I've never faced you before... so I just want to warn you what you're getting into. While I know little about you, you best stay out of my way. I've done every damn thing I've said I'd do since the moment I signed on with the WFW nearly a year ago. It's inevitable that I'll beat Hart again, and it's a definite that I'll be able to make it past you. But, BUT... there's always that chance that if I turn my head for a split second, you'd be pinning Hart and I'd be leaving Great Britain without the title. Play it smart, Minion... don't try any trickery, because everybody knows that I'm the best, as far as all of that's concerned.

Battleground Britain, GXW, you best watch your screen well, because the Viewer's Choice is going to put on a show for each and every one of you... whether or not you deserve it!

(FADEOUT, as Scotty grabs his championship belt and jumps into his Cadilac.. as he drives off, dirt flies into the camera..)

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