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Hawke v Devon


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
(Trevor really needs to remember his forum name / password. But since he cannot I am posting this for him. -sean)

"Mercedes Devon, hm?"

{{the camera focuses in on a white NEW background. victoria hawke stands before it with her hands lying gently on her hips.}}

"Foxx gets a chance at Karla Starr, and I get Mercedes Devon? She hasn’t done anything here."

{{hawke rolls her eyes.}}

"It’s okay. I don’t mind, I guess. With the slump I have been in I need a nice easy victory to warm my spirits. Poor Mercedes Devon. What a way to enter the NEW women’s division."

{{she crosses her arms and purses her lips.}}

"At least I’m not wrestling in mud! Foxx and Karla Starr will be humiliating themselves and the NEW Women’s Championship while I’m putting my heart into this division. It makes me sick to my stomach. Instead of saying NO to wrestling in mud, Foxx is subjecting herself to such degrading work just to get her shot at the title. That disgusts me! But enough of Foxx and Karla Starr, even if they are the only two women worth talking about."

{{hawke displays a broad smile.}}

"Mercedes Devon. I am Victoria Hawke. I am an all-natural WORLD CLASS professional wrestler. What are YOUR credentials? You have been smart thus far, Mercedes. By not opening your mouth you limit how stupid you would look once I got through with thoroughly humiliating you in the ring. It is a shame though. I was really hoping for some REAL competition. I’m not quite sure you belong in the ring with me, now or in the future. I have bigger fish to fry, Mercedes. So, why not be extra smart and not bother to show up at Rapture. I won’t hold it against you. I promise."

{{hawke laughs as she flicks her wrist at the camera and then walks out of view.}}


I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
(Fadein, Mercedes Devon in front of a NEW ERA backdrop.)

DEVON: You know...for someone who gets beaten up by every other skank in this company, you've got alotta nerve questioning the reason you have me as an opponent and not Karla.

Besides...hasn't Karla beaten you up enough in the past year? Why not consider this an apparent breath of fresh air for you.

With a newsflash to boot:

I was already IN the Women's division, you diseased hooker.

I just chose not to participate in the action.

(Mercedes Devon shrugs her shoulders as she continues...)

Hey, if you don't believe me...look at the tapes.

By all rights an' privilages, since I walked into this company with her by my side...I should be the one getting the title shot...

Not that tramp Whisper, or Olivia or Krist Blue, or any other coked-up slut who thinks that she's better than me...much less YOU.

(Devon smiles)

But me an' Karla are good like that, and she knows that whenever it is I want a shot...I just need to ask.

Unlike you whored-out hookers who have to EARN it.

But again...I'm not in it to face Karla, it's not like that at all.

You Victoria?? You're a World-Class SLUT who doesn't know when to research and to just lay by the way side for us BIG GIRLS to do our thing while little BABIES like you can watch.

My credentials?

You're resume looks like a rat-infested profile for Kim Mathers, and you want MY credentials?


I'm MARRIED TO and Valet for one of best technical wrestler's around today, a man who's sold out more arenas than Jerry Springer has in ratings, Cameron Cruise.

That good enough for you, you decrepid pile of TRASH??!?!!

Or perhaps it's the "HANDS-ON" method you want me to use to exhibit how well off I am than you.

Either way suits me fine.

Just don't go cryin' to Marceau when you find yourself in a Mud Match with Carlee Marx because you can't CUT IT.

If you do, then I won't have any reason to fall over laughing right in front of you.



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