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Hawke v Madden v Hart - Triple Threat -



~The scene opens with Ryan Madden making her way the ring. Wearing some tight hip hugger jeans and a short baby doll that says CKY on it.

~Ryan appears on the big screens. She says, "You Dare to Enter in my World... Think Again" then blows dust from her hand and Soul On Fire blasts over the PA system. Out walks the sexy Ryan Madden. She poses at the top of the ramp then she makes her way to the ring. She gets in and poses once again. Then she gets the mic and sits on the top turnbuckle.

Ryan: Hart and Hawke lets get the party started.

~Ryan then drops te mic and waits for her opponents.

tbc by my opponents



(we come into focus on victoria hawke, standing with her hands on her hips, looking disgustingly at the camera. she walks over to a television that has a still picture of ryan anne madden on it, presumably from her latest promo.)

victoria hawke

"are you kidding me? you want to get the party started? what have you done for me, ryan anne? what kind of gratitude have you showed to me or ms. felicia hart? what is that? i can't quite hear you? (she cups her hand over her ear and leans forward) Ah, that's right. none. none at all. and now you come out and all you have to say is lets get this party started? girl, i think you forgot something. respect. you come out and show disrespect for you fellow competitors when you stand there and utter your one line. is that supposed to frighten us? keep us in awe? i don't think so, ryan anne. perhaps you do not know who you are dealing with. i am sweden's finest female wrestler. i'm not some pushover. but yet, there you stand, ready to dismiss me. that's not going to happen. i am going to show you at rapture just what happens when you do not give me the respect that i deserve. get ready for it. because once this match gets started, it won't be a party for you. oh, no. its going to be hell."

(the camera then cuts promptly just as victoria hawke rolls her eye.)

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