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Mar 20, 2017
Well, to get to the point, I love a lot of fantasy related stuff, comic-books, mythology, sword and sorcery...and I also love, LOVE submission-grappling, both as something to do and as something to appreciate and research the history of. And so I guess it is natural that I love professional wrestling, which for those that don't know, is where much of modern submission-grappling arose from (a lot of the teaching lineages of modern day submission grapplers can be traced back to professional wrestling). Anyway, it sort of encapsulates a lot of the stuff I love, masks, submission holds, good versus evil, etc. And then, e-feds go one step further...then I really get to put all the things I love together under one roof...especially as a booker, I suppose.

So, anyway, my first e-fed was Club American Wrestling, back in 2000, I guess. I actually got into right after my high school wrestling career ended and it actually did kind of fill a void. Club American Wrestling didn't last long, but almost all the former players ended up continuing in the first federation I ran, the Universal Warrior League. That ran on and off for a while and I had tons of fun. After the UWL finally closed its doors for good, I didn't do much e-fedding for quite a while. I ended up joining the XWF while I was between jobs and while I had a lot of fun creating and living through a character again--multiple characters actually--I realized that their approach to e-fedding wasn't really my thing. It was--or rather, it is--very much into the promo versus promo aspect of e-fedding and I felt at times that there was less a sense of people making an exciting, fictional world real more so just real people having a writing contest with one another.

My greatest joy in e-fedding was actually being able to take the player's characters and turn them into these legendary, awesome figures. Once, a UWL character was clearly ripped-off by another wrestler and his handler conveyed to me that it was the only time anyone had ever imitated him and that it actually made him feel really good. I guess for me, I almost see e-fedding as something closer to Dungeons and Dragons in a way--the essence of all the posts, to me, should be conveying your character. Anyway, there's my intro!

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