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He's Ready


League Member
May 25, 2006
Detroit, Michigan

So it's going to just hop on outta there?

You know what to do, you've seen the movies.

Prepare yourself.

The scene comes into focus, and we see former non-champion wrestling jobber Rob Franklin, along with his newest student, a medium sized man in a golden mask. The masked man has a long, flowing silver cape, and gold and red trimmed wrestling tights. In contrast, Franklin is wearing a t-shirt and jeans. They are standing in what looks to be a desolate, sandy warzone. It's just the two of them, that is, the two of them, the camera operator, and a large crate.

Franklin: You've gotta do this in Mexico. It's like...a rite of passage. Like your high school prom.

Masked Man: So I can f*ck the chicken?

Franklin: ...What you do on your own time is up to you. The only thing I want to do, is catch it.

Masked Man: We already got it. It's in a crate.

Franklin: Indeed. I'm going to let it OUT of the crate, and you are going to run after it.

Masked Man: That's stupid. Shouldn't I be learning wrestling moves or something?

Franklin: Don't you know anything? It's called LUCHO LIBROES down here, and no. You don't need wrestling moves and skills when you've got SPEED.

You can't teach SPEED.

Mask: You also can't teach breaking your neck.

Franklin: Listen, are you going to stand around and make smartass comments all day, or are you going to listen to me? I'm a PROVEN WINNER.

Mask: Yeah, so you told me. I still don't remember ever hearing about you though....

Franklin: Yeah, I was underground. doing some crazy s*it that would blow your mind. Did I even tell you I came ...

Rob Holds his fingers VERY close together.

...THIS close to beating Dan Ryan?


Franklin: Anyway, it's not important. I know you have it in you. I want to see fire in your eye, I want you to feel the hunger! I WANT YOU TO CHOKE THAT CHICKEN!

Mask: YEAH!

Rob lifts the crate up, and from the crate, rolls a frozen, dead, packaged chicken. Immediately, the masked man pounce on it, and punches it full-force. He lets out a yelp, hurting his hand on the frozen poultry.

Mask: I got it!

Franklin: Who the hell - what the hell...


Franklin: STOP! Don't bother. You have shown me you have what it takes to be a LUCHADORE! You may now ride in my limo with me on my way to enter you into FMLL.

Mask: Really? AWESOME!

The masked man leaves, chicken in hand, to apparently ride away in an unseen limosine. Rob Franklin waits behind him, and gets out his cellphone.

Franklin: ...Yeah...he's ready....what should we call him?....what should we call the next kind of lucha libre, the greatest athletic specimen the world has ever seen?....we'll call him....we'll call him.....


Fade to black

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