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Hey all, Heads up from me.


League Member
Feb 19, 2004
North Shore, MA
Hi -

Note on the forums:

I've gone ahead and removed the Wrestling! forums from the set. The tourney bombed (25 signed up and only 9 were actually interested enough to confirm their place-- so no tourney) so there's no point in keeping the things online to have them be unused.

Note on Wrestling!:

I've no intention of ditching the concept, but I've also no opening date or other information on the thing at this time. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Wife, Kid = way more important.. did I mention semester's closing and the other half of the staff deciding to take a cue from Elvis?

Note on me:

I've taken a few days away from being online via IM or some method of online hobbying and I've found I rather enjoy the productivity that status allows. This isn't an "I'm leaving ew" message as that's rather gay. (in the slang oriented negative sense, not the happy alternative lifestyle sense) What the message is, is that I'm not going to be showing my face around forums much for a while.

Because of this, (and because Chad hasn't gotten me full access to the images folder anyway so I can't do anything productive with skins regardless) I'm dropping my admin status and returning to the ranks of a league member until the time comes if ever when my services are needed.

At this point I'm happy to have been the only person to have been a full admin or owner of every major forum community in this section of the hobby over the last 6 years. I thank Chad and Katz for the opportunity to work with them and I'll look forward to keeping up my end of the bargain with forum skins as they see fit.

Manana peoples :) Best way to hit me up is via email


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